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Gaggia Portafilter with Chrome Double-Spout

By: Gaggia
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I bought a Gaggia Espresso Pure from Whole Latte Love . I somehow lost the small plastic part inside the pressure filter basket ( the diffuser I think), I would like to buy several more of them but I do not need the whole metal basket or handle . Is that possible? 

Answer by Emily S.:

Hi Eric and Darby,
We do sell that part. We have them individually for $5.44 each, in packs of three for $9.99 and packs of five for $16.99. A $5.95 shipping and handling charge would apply. Please give technical support a call at 1-888-411-5282 option 3 to set that order up!

Have a great day!

Emily S.

James asked:

I am using the Gaggia Portafilter w/Chrome Double-Spout on my older Gaggia (Baby mod.77). I received the portafilter today 26Aug2013 and tried it one time with the included pressure filter basket and diffuser. The results were not acceptable as the crema was overly bubbly with much larger bubbles and a bit burnt as well. After replacing the pressure filter basket and diffuser with my old double/two-cup basket it works great! I am wondering why include the more expensive filter basket with the portafilter. It is VERY restrictive and certainly not needed to produce outstanding crema for even a 10-14bar espresso machine as old as mine. I could have experimented with the grind and tamp pressure and I'm not knocking the portafilter but I'll be glad to donate the pressure basket and diffuser to anyone with a need.
Best regards,

Answer by Stephen:

Thank you for trying the pressure filter basket and diffuser. You confirmed my suspicion. I never tried mine as I figured it was a gimmick.

Answer by DanielCulver:

Not knowing all the circumstances of your machine, switching to the pressure filter if your shower screen is a little plugged will give these same poor results. Just a thought on something to check first. In my experience using Gaggia pressure filters on 3 different machine, they give very fine results; I would check all other variables and try quite a few espressos before moving on. :)

Answer by James:

Hello, Screen is clean per usual routine maintenance; Adequate tamp pressure and proper grind works great without restrictive inserts to create crema/acceptable espresso which can be required on some machines with inadequate pump pressure. Didn't need a pressure diffuser but did need proper sized portafilter.....offer still stands.....free pressure filter basket w/diffuser (used once) to anyone needing it. Postage required. The portafilter itself is great.

zvi asked:

I own a Gaggia Carezza and i've noticed that my portafilter (Portafilter with dual plastic spouts , #8301005000) is leaking - probably because the plastic has one nice crack...
After reading all the Q&A here, i assume that i can purchase the metal-one and it will fit my Carezza (i read that there is no real to buy the plastic one...) , however i wonder if i can simply remove the plastic from my machine or buy another part and get the same result ? i don't want to buy the whole assembly if I don't have to...

thanks in advance,

Answer by Maggie:

You can just get a spout to replace the cracked plastic if you like, or we have metal ones as well. The nice thing about that particular portafilter is that you can use either one! Please call us at 1-888-411-5282, option 3, and we will be happy to assist you.

Jose asked:

Will I need the 58mm tamper for this portafilter?

Answer by Maggie:

Yes-all Gaggia machines use a 58 mm tamper.

Answer by Mary Ann:

Hi Jose, This portafilter does go with 58mm tampers.

Mark asked:

Just bought this to replace the original on my 5 year old Classic; the handle on the original cracked. The new portafilter is a bit different: the basket only has holes in the central area and has a small plastic insert under it that fits in the spout. The original had holes across the entire surface of the basket and no plastic insert. My question is about the plastic insert: can I use the standard powdered cleaners you sell when cleaning this? Does it require frequent or special cleaning? And for the basket: because it has fewer holes, should I also clean it more often?

After trying a couple of cups, it seems to increase the foaminess of the crema. Is that the intended effect?

Answer by DanielCulver:

What you have now is a pressure filter basket. The plastic diffuser insert should be used at all times with pressure filters. If you fail to use the diffuser, the hot coffee or cleaning liquid will shoot straight out the sides of the double down spout making a mess on any nearby objects or walls. The pressure filter does increase the crema. You can order separate open filter baskets as desired.

Answer by DanielCulver:

Sorry MArk, I just remembered to add that you can order a replacement handle for your old portafilter from Whole Latte Love. If they don't have it for you, they can send you in the right direction, but I believe this is the one you are looking for; http://www.wholelattelove.com/Gaggia/gaggia-4332037000.cfm

Nancy asked:

I need to replace my portafilter to my gaggia classic. I think the original is stainless; however, I can only find replacement in Chrome. Do you think the original is Chrome? Does it matter?

Answer by DanielCulver:

The original probably was chrome plated brass like all the Gaggia portafilters I've ever seen. They are very well made and should give many years of good service. If you have pealing or flaking chrome around the lugs just sand smooth. Compared to stainless steel, chrome or brass is far less abrasive to mating surfaces and it is preferred. It is best to have as much of the wear as possible on the portafilter than the group or brewhead given the cost of replacement.


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