Gevalia Decaffeinated Espresso T-Discs (Reward)

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Tassimo T-Disc Gevalia Decaffeinated Espresso is described by Tassimo as \"High Intensity!" this strong-bodied roast could easily capture your heart in a single sip and is highlighted with an intensity of taste that you won't soon forget. Finish any delicious meal with a steaming cup of exquisitely aromatic decaffeinated Gevalia espresso, prepared to perfection in your Tassimo brewer.

This package includes 16 Gevalia Decaffeinated Espresso T-Disc. Each T-Disc makes a 3oz cup of espresso.

How to:

    • Place a 3oz cup or shot glass on the cup stand.
    •  Insert the Gevalia Decaffeinated Espresso T DISC into the brewer; when the green Auto light comes on, press it to start.


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