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Goat Story GINA Smart Coffee Maker in Stainless Steel

By Goat Story

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The Goatstory GINA Smart is a one-of-a-kind coffee maker with the option to brew your coffee as a pour-over, immersion, or cold drip brew. With an integrated scale, the GINA Smart makes brewing fresh coffee incredibly streamlined. A precision valve keeps your water flow in check and a compatible smart app brings tips right to your phone so you’re able to reach your perfect coffee flavors right from the comfort of your home.

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Goat Story GINA Smart Coffee Maker Overview

Winner of the 2018 Red Dot design award, the Goatstory GINA Smart coffee maker is a one-of-a-kind device that gives you the option to brew coffee three different ways, with an integrated scale that streamlines your brewing experience. Being the Smart version, this GINA is also compatible with a GINA Smart app that offers users an on-screen scale and time tracker, plus a user-friendly step-by-step brewing guide and a platform to connect with thousands of coffee lovers around the globe.

Features and Performance

The magic of GINA Smart is the flexibility it offers to anyone looking to experiment with multiple brewing methods, without the clutter of multiple devices. Thanks to GINA’s precision valve, you can brew traditional pour over, immerse grounds to steep, or slowly drip iced water over a basket of extra coarse grounds for cold drip. The integrated scale is perfect for dosing dry coffee and your extraction yield. Each GINA Smart includes a steel brew stand, ceramic brewing cone and lid, a 0.75L borosilicate glass carafe, a cold brew adapter, and paper filters for hot and cold brewing.

With GINA Smart, not only is your scale on hand for all of your brewing, but the GINA app is synced up as well, tracking every experiment, allowing you to save and share successful recipes. You can also review other recipes that fellow GINA owners have uploaded to continue experimenting and exploring with your coffee.

When brewing a traditional pour over, simply leave the valve open and place a paper filter in the brewing cone. GINA comes with pour over coffee filters, but also accepts Hario V60 filters. For immersion, close the valve all the way, and load a filter with coarsely ground coffee. Then simply add hot water, cover the cone with the included ceramic lid, and let the coffee steep according to your brew recipe.

For cold drip, simply load the cold brew adapter with coffee and fit it into the carafe. Then, place a paper filter on top of the adapter and load the brewing cone with ice and water. From there, you can set your desired drip rate with the valve, and brew.

Thanks to the unique shape of GINA’s stand, you can also easily brew a single cup at a time, simply replacing the carafe with your favorite coffee mug.

Why You Should Get It

GINA Smart combines modern aesthetics with a unique multipurpose design that reimagines coffee brewing equipment, consolidating multiple brewers and a scale into a single device. Thanks to the valve, you can experiment to your heart’s content, while the compact all-in-one design is sleek and saves on counter space.

  • Smart Scale

    The Goatstory GINA Smart coffee maker comes with a built-in smart scale to make the brewing process as streamlined as possible. All data is instantly trackable in the GINA Smart app that’s connected to the scale via Bluetooth.

  • GINA App

    With the GINA application, the Goat Story GINA Smart is a coffee geek’s dream. Have your very own barista coach guiding you through the art of brewing with an on-screen scale and time tracker. Perhaps best of all, connect with coffee lovers from around the globe!

  • Precision Valve

    The Goatstory GINA has a stainless steel precision valve to control the coffee’s drop speed, the water flow, to achieve your perfect taste. Now it’s easier than ever to bloom your coffee grounds at the start of your pour-over.

  • Style

    The Goatstory GINA won the 2018 Red Dot design award for a reason. This device is sleek and modern, doubling as a conversation starter or even art installment on any countertop. Coming in white, black, or steel, the GINA offers both style and substance.



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