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Hario Double Glass Olive Wood Coffee Press

By: Hario
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Hario presents you with their own unique take on French Press brewing. The double-walled design of the press insulates heat for the dual purpose of protecting your fingers and keeping your coffee hotter longer. All of the glass used is high quality, being both inert and heat resistant. Inert glass protects the integrity of your coffee as it doesn't absorb any foreign flavors or odors.The press is ringed by an elegant olive wood collar, fastened by a leather strap for easy gripping. If you have company you're in luck as you can brew up to 13.5oz of coffee at a time. As a final note, all of the glass components are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


TNMAMA asked:

The wood collar on the gift my husband gave me does not fit the flask. There is a 3/8 inch gap when assembled and the cord barely holds the wood pieces on. They wood slips around when you grasp the collar. I assume the collar is to protect the hands from hot liquids, so this appears to be a functional as well as visual defect. What should we do? Thanks!

Answer by TNMAMA:

There is no way to tighten the cord as it slips easily through the wooden bead and doesn't stay tight. There is too much movement in the wood, a very large gap.

Answer by TNMAMA:

It is not snug in any way. The two piece collar is insecure slipping up, down and sideways on the beaker....the cord loosens as you pick it up, probably because of all the play in the two wood pieces. I wouldn't dare put heavy hot liquids in this and try to pour it by the collar. The glass alone would be too hot to handle without the protective collar.  Why would anyone pay $80 for something you must remove the decoration from and use potholders instead? This expensive item is a disappointment. The wooden collar should fit and be secure for this price point!

Answer by Sanfam:

While you wouldn't want to use these removed, it sounds like you will certainly want to remove the wrap and re-tighten it (firmly) into place.  As mentioned earlier, this is something designed to be removed and re-attached as part of regular cleaning.

Answer by Sanfam:

The wood grip on this is held on snugly with the strap; It's intended to do what you describe, keeping your hands free of burns from the hot coffee within.  The wood itself isn't a full-wrap but rather two individually cut and formed pieces, and as such do have a gap on all of the variants I'm familiar with to allow for good fit across the variably sized blown-glass containers.  Additionally, the gap between the wood halves is common across most glass products featuring removable wooden grips for the same reason.  It's a big part of what gives this brand their unique character.   

Finally, the handle itself is removable.  Should you want to firm it up, simply remove the strap, align the grips, and tighten the strap back down.  


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