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Hiroia “Jimmy” Drip and Espresso Scale

By Hario

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With bluetooth connectivity and a removable, magnetic screen, the Hiroia “Jimmy” Drip and Espresso Scale offers optimal flexibility while brewing to at-home baristas new and old.

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Hiroia “Jimmy” Drip and Espresso Scale Overview

With the “Jimmy” Drip and Espresso scale, the experts at Hiroia have crafted a product that caters to coffee lovers who enjoy the scientific side of at-home brewing.

Features like bluetooth connectivity allow the “Jimmy” to connect to an app that allows for the recording and saving of extraction times and weights. Additionally, the detachable, magnetic screen means you can stick it right onto your machine while brewing for easy access and visibility.

The “Jimmy” will make a great companion to your entire brewing process, adapting with you.

Features and Performance

What makes the Hiroia “Jimmy” Drip and Espresso scale so different from the rest is its detachable, magnetic screen. While the scale does attach to an app to track a brew time and weight, the detachable screen makes it easy to bring that information wherever you go: from the top of your espresso machine, to any magnetic surface you can imagine.

The scale also comes with three espresso settings that you can change by clicking the on button on the screen, or by clicking through the app. Espresso mode one will start and stop the timer depending on flow rate. Espresso mode two has an auto-tare feature and will automatically start and stop the timer based on flow rate. The third mode also auto-tares, but will automatically start the timer with that tare. So as soon as a cup is placed on the scale, the timer begins. It is important to note, however, that these modes will not account for the start of the pump.

Because the scale is always using bluetooth to connect to the screen, the battery needs to be recharged. But that frequency depends on how often it is being used. Overall, the battery will last 10-15 hours in use. If used in a cafe setting every day, then you will need to charge it at the end of every day.

Why You Should Get It

The real magic of the Hiroia “Jimmy” Drip and Espresso scale is unlocked within the app, which is at its core is a journal that keeps track of how you use the scale and your specifications.

With the companion app, you can practice water flow rate for pour overs, switch espresso brewing modes, and even use it as a training program. The scale, magnetic screen, and app all communicate with bluetooth for optimal flexibility while brewing.

The “Jimmy” scale with removable screen and companion app is a flexible product, adapting to your needs and preferences. If you are someone who enjoys the numbers aspect of espresso brewing, this will make a great addition to your setup.

Dimensions: 4.7" W x 5.7" D x 1" H

Weight: 1 lb

  • Removable Screen

    This is the star of the Hiroia “Jimmy” Drip and Espresso scale. Detach the magnetic screen and place it anywhere within your work space so you can keep information at eye level while working at an espresso machine.

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  • Bluetooth Connectivity

    Every aspect of this scale uses Bluetooth: the detachable screen uses it to connect with the scale, even when detached, and the entire scale can be hooked up to a companion app for even more information. The 4.1 Bluetooth is both Android and iOS compatible.

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  • 10-15 Hour Battery Life

    The Hiroia “Jimmy” Drip and Espresso scale will use Bluetooth as long as it is on, meaning the battery is always working overtime. However, the battery life will last 10-15 straight hours of use before needing to be charged.

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  • Sleek Design

    The scale comes in a totally black, sleek body. The screen has a nice shine to it, while the scale itself is more matte black. It is also lightweight, coming in at only .97lbs. Plus, it’s a perfect size to fit under brew heads with a .98in height and 4.7in width.

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Property Value
Depth (Inches) 5.7"
Height (Inches) 1"
Property Value
Weight (Lbs) 1 lb
Width (Inches) 4.7"

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