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Illy E.S.E. Pod Coffee Machine - Red

By Illy

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The Illy E.S.E. Pod Coffee Machine brews delicious espresso using Illy’s ESE pods. The compact design makes this espresso machine perfect for any at-home coffee setup.

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Illy EASY Espresso Machine Overview

The Illy E.S.E. Pod Coffee Machine is the perfect espresso machine if you’re looking for a convenient, compact, and reliable way to make espresso at home. The machine can be used with Illy ESE pods and will automatically eject and store used pods in the machine to keep your morning moving smoothly.

Features and Performance

This espresso machine makes it extremely easy to brew espresso or espresso lungo. You can load ESE pods in the top of the machine, and the machine will eject the last pod used into a compartment in the machine. It will store 9 used pods at a time before you’ll need to empty the container, so you can brew an espresso every day and still have to empty the compartment less than once a week.

To brew with the Illy E.S.E. Pod Coffee Machine, you can use Illy’s compostable ESE pods or any other ESE pods. This espresso machine has the ability to brew both espresso and espresso lungo, so you can vary your morning beverage if you want to. You can easily brew into a mug if you plan on adding milk for a latte or hot water for an americano. The adjustable cup holder lets you place an espresso cup just under the spout so your espresso won’t splash or lose heat during the brewing process.

The sleek, compact design of the machine allows you to easily add this it to your current coffee setup, and the mostly all-black exterior will match almost any kitchen’s color scheme.

Why You Should Get It

The Illy E.S.E. Pod Coffee Machine is compact, convenient, and easy to use. You can streamline your morning coffee routine while brewing with the machine because you can use ESE pods to craft your favorite espresso or lungo drinks. The adjustable cup holder and an inner compartment that holds used pods make this an extremely convenient machine for anyone who has a busy morning but still needs their morning espresso to start the day.


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