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iSi Nitro Whip

By iSi

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Enjoy the velvety, creamy texture of nitro cold brew coffee, iced tea, cocktails, and more in the comfort of your own home with the iSi Nitro Whip.

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If you enjoy a daily cold brew in the spring and summer months but want to add something new to your routine, the iSi Nitro Whip is the perfect way to mix up your usual drink. The Nitro Whip injects pure nitrogen directly into whatever drink you fill the canister with, so you can get a smooth and creamy texture to a range of different drinks, from cold brew to cocktails.

To use the iSi Nitro Whip, fill the stainless steel canister below the max fill line with a cold beverage, screw on the top, and then screw a Nitro Charger onto the lid. Shake a few times and then pour your nitro drink into your glass for a unique at-home beverage. If you don’t use the entire canister of your drink, the Nitro Whip can be stored in your fridge for up to a week.

When using the Nitro Whip to make nitro cold brew, you’ll want to brew cold brew in advance and make sure it has time to chill before putting it in the Nitro Whip. To do this, brew your cold brew in a brewer of your choice, using a 1:5 ratio of water to coffee to brew. After 12-24 hours, strain out your grounds and chill your cold brew in the fridge. This will be pretty concentrated coffee, so you can dilute it with water to your liking before pouring it into the Nitro Whip.

1 Liter Capacity / iSi Nitro Chargers are sold separately


Property Value
Carafe Volume (oz) 1 Liter
Property Value
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Water Reservoir Material Stainless Steel

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