JURA Cool Control 34 oz Milk Container

JURA Cool Control 34 oz Milk Container

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Cool Control 34 oz.


JURA Cool Control 34 oz. Overview The JURA Cool Control 34 oz. offers a clean and innovative 36.8 oz milk cooler that keeps milk at a chilled 39ºF for perfect coffee specialties. With this iteration, JURA designed the Cool Control 34 oz. to be sleek, with a clear focus on ingenuity and hygiene. The Cool Control 34 ...
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Complete Your Set-Up with the JURA Cool Control 34 oz Milk Container

The JURA Cool Control Milk Cooler is the ideal way to keep cold milk close at hand for your automatic espresso maker. The CFC-free Peltier-effect cooling system cools milk down from room temperature to 39ºF and keeps the temperature constant. The low wattage, low noise motor cost just pennies a day to run! A removable 34 oz stainless steel milk container is dishwasher safe and holds slightly more than a quart of milk. It is the ideal accessory for all JURA Automatic Coffee Centers. Completely equipped, the Cool Control connects directly to the frothXpress automatic frothing systems.

Dimensions: 5.5"H x 8.75"W x 8"L

Weight: 3.75lb