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La Marzocco GB/5 2 Group Semi-Auto Espresso Machine

By La Marzocco

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Suitable Environment

The La Marzocco GB/5 combines sleek design with functionality—perfect for small and medium sized cafes and restaurants looking to serve quality-brewed, delicious-tasting espresso. The double boiler system lets you brew and steam simultaneously, meaning faster service for customers and more productive time for employees. This semi-automatic machine has many other advantages, including a stainless steel cup warmer, digital PID controls, and saturated brew groups for temperature stability. Voted the Official Espresso Machine of the World Barista Championships for 2006-2008, it’s one of the top machines for professional baristas around the globe.


To operate this La Marzocco espresso machine, employees will simply need to press buttons or turn a knob, which requires limited training. However, learning the nuances of proper brewing, steaming, and frothing will necessitate more in depth training and practice regimens. 


  • Featuring 2 stainless steel boilers, the GB/5 allows you to brew and steam at the same time.
    • Brew boiler capacity: 3.41 liters
    • Steam boiler capacity: 7 liters
  • Also constructed of stainless steel, this La Marzocco espresso machine’s saturated brew groups provide excellent temperature stability.
  • 2 steam wands with adjustable steam flow make it possible to steam or froth milk for 2 drinks at one time.
  • A Coffee credit feature allows customers to use coffee credits as a method of purchase.
  • The digital display allows for easy monitoring and control over boiler temperatures and provides feedback to help you troubleshoot problems when they occur.
  • PID (proportional integrative derivative) control provides consistent temperature with less than a ± 0.5° C variation between shots.
  • This La Marzocco espresso machine’s brew groups and portafilters are each 57mm in diameter.
  • For endless brewing and steaming without needing to refill, the GB/5 connects directly to a water line.
  • Dimensions and weight
    • 22”H x 29 ½”W x 22 ½”D
    • 150 lbs
  • NSF and UL approvals ensure compliance with health regulations.

Feature Details

2 Steam Wands

During the morning rush, steamed and frothed milk is always in high demand. The La Marzocco GB/5’s stainless steel steam wands are ball joint-mounted, allowing them to move in any direction for easy access with large frothing pitchers and cups. For less experienced baristas or those just looking for the ease of letting the machine do it all, the wands can be replaced with an auto-frother.

PID Control

The La Marzocco’s Proportional Integrated Derivative (PID) temperature control provides consistent temperature between shots. This techology senses temperature fluxuation in the boiler, and pulses the heating element to maintain the set temperature within ½oC at all times. You can change the temperature with the easy-to-use digital display, meaning those of all experience levels can customize brewing temperatures to get the best flavor from their coffee.

Programming Options

Though the GB/5 semi-automatic features manual brewing, steaming and hot water functions, it features several advanced programming options to customize your extraction. A built-in adjustable thermostat allows you to select your preferred temperature setting for both brewing and steaming, and the GB/5 can also be switched from “Barista Level” programming to “Factory Level” programming to provide more technical settings for users. The Factory level offers a range of choices for technicians and advanced users, such as password protection, user name input, pre-infusion adjustments, a water filtration alarm, steam boiler pressure regulation and more.

Saturated Brew Groups

The GB/5’s excellent temperature stability can be attributed to its saturated brew groups that are welded directly to the boiler. Hot water is circulated through each brew group’s stainless steel components, ensuring that your espresso is brewed at whatever temperature you have chosen for ideal taste and crema.

Back Up Devices

A broken espresso machine in a busy café means lost revenue and unhappy customers. The La Marzocco lets you avoid these situations with back up devices that allow you to keep on brewing—even while a technician is testing or servicing many of the machine’s primary functions.

Stainless Steel Cup Warmer

You’ll never have to brew into cold cups because the GB/5 has an extra-large stainless steel cup warmer. That means you’ll always have heated cups on hand and your carefully maintained boiler temperature will never go to waste.

Electrical Options

Accommodating any environment, the GB/5 is available in a 200v (1 or 3 phase), 220v (1 or 3 phase), or 380v (3 phase) model. You can also choose between standard wattage (3600) and high wattage (4600) elements.


Daily Maintenance

  • After each brewing process, the portafilter should be emptied and rinsed, along with the grouphead to prevent the build-up of coffee particles and oils on these components.
  • Backflushing is procedure we recommend performing nightly on each brew group. It's a quick, 30 second procedure that will maintain the cleanliness and quality of your machine. 
  • Immediately after frothing or steaming, it is recommended that you wipe down the frothing wand with a damp cloth. In addition, you should direct the wand toward the drip tray and open the steam valve to release steam and expel any milk that may be inside the frothing tip. These procedures will prevent milk from adhering to the wand, which can cause health and functional issues if it is not removed.
  • It is also recommended that the drain tray grill be removed nightly and cleaned thoroughly.

Periodic Maintenance

  • To maintain the cleanliness of your portafilters and filter baskets, these components should be soaked in a solution of hot water and backflush cleaner on a weekly basis.
  • The shower screen in each grouphead should also be removed and soaked weekly in the aforementioned cleaning solution.
  • It is recommended that you remove the tip from your frothing wand and soak it with the other parts on a weekly basis.

Parts to Keep on Hand

There are some extra parts that you may want to have on hand, as they do need to be replaced from time to time. These would include filter baskets, shower screens, and group gaskets.


This La Marzocco espresso machine will require a professional installation, which we can arrange for you at the time of purchase. Prior to installation, you will need to submit the following electrical and plumbing requirements (both found in the Installation Guidelines Diagram) to a general contractor, electrician, or plumber as well as your code enforcement officer to ensure the compliance of your facility with the needs of this espresso coffee maker. You may also want to go over this information with your electrician or contractor prior to purchase, as you will need to select your voltage and wattage preferences at the time of purchase.

Electrical Specifications

  • Available voltage
    • 200 volt
      • 1 phase
      • 3 phase
    • 220 volt
      • 1 phase
      • 3 phase
    • 380 volt, 3 phase only
  • Available Wattage
    • Standard - 3600
    • High – 4600
  • Circuit Breaker Requirements
    • 30 amp
  • Suggested NEMA Plug & Receptacle
    • L6-30P; L6-30R
  • Please note: Plug is NOT included with the machine.

Plumbing Requirements

    • 5/8” Flexi Drainline
    • 3/8” Braided Stainless Steel Cold Water Supply Line
    • 3/8” Cold Water Supply


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