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la Pavoni Romantica PC-16 Espresso Machine

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The Romantica Professional espresso machine by La Pavoni has a chrome base, steam pressure gauge and is triple plated to maintain its beauty and elegance. By lifting the lever, a piston inside the group is raised allowing water under pressure to infuse the coffee in the filter holder. The lever is then lowered causing the piston to force the water through the coffee into your espresso cup. Make one or two cups of perfect cafe quality espresso! The machine has a water level site gauge located on the side of the machine. Capable of making 16, 2oz cups. Make all of your favorite cappuccinos or lattes with a machine that has old world elegant ambiance! Please note that these machines may arrive with moisture, water marks, fingerprints or tooling marks due to factory testing. Instructional DVD included! Available in Chrome.


Features & Benefits: Coffee


The 51mm portafilter is made of chrome plated brass and has a heavy duty plastic handle.


The large capacity boiler holds up to 38 ounce of water and is capable of making 16 two ounce cups of espresso. The boiler is made of brass and is chrome plated on the outside. The food safe inside of the boiler is nickel plated. The boiler is ready to brew in about six minutes. Due to the large boiler there is no wait time between steaming and brewing.

Pressure Controller

The boiler temperature is actually controlled with a pressure controller for quick and accurate response. The boiler will cycle on and off consistently and is set to maintain boiler pressure between .7 bar and 1 bar of pressure.


The main power switch is the only switch to operate. When turned on the switch will start to heat the boiler.

Heating Element

The stainless steel food safe heating element is made to resist corroding and for long lasting durability.

Sight Glass

On the left of the machine is a sight glass that will let you see the water level of the boiler.

Features & Benefits: Frothing and Hot Water

Commercial Style Steam Wand

The PC-16 comes with a three hole commercial style steam wand, for those of you who like to master the art of frothing. Unlike most home machines where you have to wait in between steaming and brewing, the PC-16 is always ready to go.

Features & Benefits: Care, Maintenance & Other

Safety Shut Off

There is a thermal fuse that will turn off the boiler if it overheats for any reason. The fuse turns the boiler off at 225F and is easily reset.

Pressure Relief Valve

This valve is located on the right side of the boiler. It is designed to open and release any excessive pressure in the boiler.


The exterior has a beautiful lacquered finish therefore any cleaning should be done with a soft cloth. The boiler should be decalcified twice a year with "Cleancaf" by Urnex. La Pavoni recommends that the gaskets should be replaced every three to five years depending on how long the boiler is left on. The boiler should always be turned off when not in use. There are 35 repair facilities throughout the US for any maintenance work.

Housing Construction

The base is made of steel and is triple chrome plated on the outside. The inside of the base has light polish to prevent any problems due to moisture. The drip tray is ABS plastic.


Basil asked:

I am looking to purchase a machine that will allow me to make a great cappuccino in the morning...or two....and espresso in the afternoon, as is the custom. If my girlfriend is over, I'd like to make her one too or any company. I like the manual pull and look. I'm reading reviews and I'm getting the impression that La Pavoni's are amazing machines that last for years and years, but they can't make decent foam. Is this true? I read one review that said if you do anything, get the 16 cup one because of the bigger reservoir in order to steam milk. Thoughts????

Answer by A:

The manual lever machines in general are a bit trick to use. But with time, patience, and work they can create a truly fantastic shot. Frothing also is a bit different on them. It's the same idea, but how the steam is produced and the power that it has makes it a little tricky. But again, it's a fully capable machine, and with practice will treat you well for years!

K.C. asked:

What size of tamper base should I choose for PC16's portafilter? I'm considering buying this machine and a new temper base for it at the same time. Just want them to fit as well as possible.

Answer by A:

The tamper size needed for the PC-16 is a 51mm. We do carry it, though it is not listed as a size on our site. You can find the item at the link below:



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