Pallo Coffeetool

By Pallo

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The Coffeetool is a great tool for daily or periodic espresso machine brew group cleaning. The tilt of the handle, as well as the carefully placed hot water fins, protect your hand from the scalding hot water that can drip out of the brew group as you clean it. When the bristles wear down, you replace the cartridge, which is available in nylon or brass bristles – perfect for heavy duty scrubbing. A steam wand vent poker, located on the back of the bristled brush, has a rubber sleeve covering it to prevent it from poking your hand when not in use. The vent poker is a better alternative to paper clips when it comes to cleaning out the steam wand because it's less likely to break or bend. On the other end of the tool is a detergent scoop for backflushing, so you’ll always be using the correct amount of cleaner.

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