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Pannarello Wand, Stainless Outer Sleeve

By: Gaggia
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Since I've purchased my Gaggia Espresso Pure 5 years ago I was fighting to get proper frothing. But the plastic panarello wand is making lots of froth, but not dense enough for latte art. As I understand the problem is the wand as it has air intake gutter in it and the lower edge is not flat, so it's not possible to hold it just above the surface.

If I take off the Panarello the wand is too short for frothing. 

I wonder if this steel outer sleeve is what I need to get a plain steam wand without any "assistance", just like in bigger machines.

Answer by Sanfam:

Unfortunately, this sleeve won't work with your machine.  However, it is actually relatively easy to install a Rancilio Silvia (old-style) steam wand on your Espresso Pure rather than use the factory wand.  While it requires some disassembly and may require replacing the plastic ball joint with the style currently produced (they changed this part somewhere between 2006 and 2012) the steam arms are the same diameter and use a ridge of the exact same depth to hold themselves in place.  You would simply remove the old three-pronged retaining clip, remove the old steam wand, slide the clip over the Silvia's wand and push it into place in the ball joint.  The result is a single-hole steam tip on a longer arm.  


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