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Portafilter Handle and End Cap

By: Gaggia
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Package Includes
1x Portafilter Handle End Cap, black $5.28
Value: $5.28




lisa asked:

Will this work with a Gaggia Classic if the where the plastic handle and metal portafilter began to leak or will an entire new portafiler be needed?  If there was any other suggestion you had to repair, i.e. plumbers tape, haha...I'd try it.   Thanks.

Answer by Sanfam:

In these machines, the plastic handle is simply a means of holding the filter.  It does not create a seal of any sort.  If you're experiencing leaking, you'd be much better off replacing the group gasket, whose job it is to seal the pressurized water into the group head such that it passes through the portafilter rather than around it.  This part is available here: http://www.wholelattelove.com/products/gaggia-group-gasket

Jim asked:

Will this work with the Gaggia Espresso machine I have? It has a rectangular metal around 1 1/8 wide, and 1/2 inch tall, with one bolt that connects it to the plastic handle. The handle has been broken for a while no, and I need a replacement. Will any other portafilters work with the Gaggia machines, such as Rancillio, Starbucks, etc?

Answer by Sanfam:

This will only work with handles that use the same oval-shaped handle.  Due to how Gaggia has arranged the two tabs on the portafilter, only a Gaggia portafilter will fit a Gaggia machines.  

mark asked:

Will this handle fit the portafilter for a 10 year old Gaggia Coffee Deluxe Espresso Machine?



Answer by Sanfam:

Unfortunately, this handle *will not* fit the older-style portafilters used on a machine of that age.  It has a narrower opening designed for the new-style portafilter body.

Hello. Is this the correct handle for a Gaggia New Baby portafilter? Thanks!

Answer by Sanfam:

This would be the right handle!  

Jim asked:

The old handle as somewhat different looking. WIll this handle fit the portafilter?


Answer by techkathy:

If you have an older machine the new style handle will not fit.  

Answer by Jim:

Do you have the correct one then?

Answer by Sanfam:

If you are referring to the half-moon style (almost D-shaped, when looked from end-on), we don't stock that part anymore as it was discontinued several years back.  The best bet would be to pick up the newer style portafilter as a complete unit. 

Answer by Jim:

Is thee a way I can attach a picture so you can lok at what I have and tell me what you can offer?

Answer by Jim:

The one I had was a more square looking handle, not half moon or d shaped

Gary asked:

The handle of my portafilter for my Gaggia Baby Twin is cracked.  Is this handle and end cap the correct part and is it easily replacable on the portafilter?  Or do I need a new portafilter?




Answer by DanielCulver:

Yes this should be the correct one. I can't remeber the exact size of the socket required, but I think it is an 8mm. You will need a rachet wrench and a socket extention to reach far enough down the handle to get to the bolt. It's easy from there. A drop of the weakest lock-tight will help the handle to stay in place better.

Answer by Sanfam:

Daniel is correct.  The Baby Twin was introduced with the handle used on all current-generation machines (the version you have tagged), so this would be a perfect match for your original handle.

Answer by Gary:

Thanks!!  I'll order the replacement.  I appreciate the help.


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