Profitec Barista Kit

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Profitec Tamping Tom Tamper

By: Profitec

Complete Your Set-Up with the Profitec Tamping Tom Tamper A unique tamper from Profitec, the Tamping Tom is a 58 mm tamper with a beautiful lacquered wood grip that looks great and feels smooth. The advantage of the Tamping Tom is its narrow edge while helps to promote even distribution of grounds in the portafilter...
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Profitec Bottomless Portafilter

By: Profitec

A bottomless portafilter for the Profitec prosumer espresso machines, this portafilter is made from heavy duty chrome plated brass with a 58mm diameter. The bottomless design assists in correcting your grinding and tamping to account for channeling. Each portafilter ships with an included triple shot filter basket.

Compatible for use with the Profitec GO, Pro 300, 400, 500, 600, and 700 espresso machines.

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Profitec Espresso Cup Set

By: Profitec

Complete Your Set-Up with the Profitec Espresso Cup Set Made of high quality porcelain, these espresso cups from are the perfect vessels for serving high quality espresso brewed on Profitec espresso machines. Emblazoned with the Profitec logo, these attractive cups comfortably hold up to 2 oz of liquid. Cup Dimensio...
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Complete Your Set-Up with the Profitec Barista Kit

An all-in-one kit that contains all of the tools you need to craft the perfect specialty drinks in the comfort of your kitchen. The Profitec Barista kit includes accessories for both preparing drinks and for maintaining your espresso machine and grinder. When not in use, the accessories store in a convenient case to save space. The Barista Kit includes the following tools: 20 oz Steaming Pitcher, 3.3 oz Shot Pitcher, Tamping Tom 58mm Tamper, Frothing Thermometer, Cocoa Duster, Brew Group Cleaning Brush, Grinder Cleaning Brush, Latte Art Etching Tool.


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