Profitec Pro 700 PID Upgrade Kit

By Profitec

Profitec Pro 700 PID Upgrade Kit

By Profitec

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Please Note! If you are not sure if your Pro 700 features the upgraded PID, you can check by increasing the steam temperature. If you are able to reach 270° or above, you do not need to order this item.

This upgrade kit for the Profitec Pro 700 features and improved PID and Pressure Relief Valve which allow you to increase the total steam output of your Profitec Pro 700. With the new parts installed, you will be able to achieve high steam temperature and pressure.

The New PID: The new PID has been upgraded with an increased temperature range. When installed, your Pro 700 can reach temperatures of up to 272°.

The New Valve: With the new relief valve installed, steam pressure can reach as high as 2.5 bar before the valve begins to relieve pressure.


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