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Quick Mill Alexia

By Quick Mill

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Quick Mill's Alexia semi-automatic espresso machine is a great choice for coffee lovers looking to upgrade from a manual pump machine. The Alexia is a single boiler machine with the vaunted E61 Brew head, 3 position power switch, heavy gauge wiring, 3 liter water tank, easily accessible expansion valve, large drip tray and a swivel steam frothing wand with a two hole tip.


Consistency in temperature is essential to great espresso, and the Alexia's insulated 750 milliliter boiler evenly regulates temperature. The boiler's temperature is mediated by a pressure controller, which senses any drops in pressure and responds by kicking on the heating element. You can easily access the control under the cup warming tray to adjust the pressure as needed without removing the outer shell.

The Low Water Cut Off feature uses aprecise magnetic sensor that will cut off power to the boiler's heating circuit, but not the pump. This will save you from a boiler burn-out, but also allow you to finish if you're in the middle of pulling a shot.


E-61 Brew Head - This commercial class E-61 brew head regulates temperature for brewing excellent espresso and features a thermal siphon design which stabilizes the brew group's temperature during periods of inactivity.

The Alexia's simple lever controlled 3-way bypass brewing design features a pressure release valve so you'll end up with a dry coffee puck post-brew.

Water Reservoir

The Alexia's water reservoir holds up to 3 liters of water and is accessible from the new cup warming tray with a hinged top cover.


The Alexia features materials usually only found in commercial machines. The Alexia designers chose the best materials to optimize the performance and to extend the life of each component. This means you get a robust machine with long life expectancy and ease of maintenance.

  • Brass 58 mm Portafilters: Heavy chrome-plated brass portafilters provide you with excellent temperature stability and stand up to extensive use. ( one single and one double)
  • 52 watt Ulka pump:Ulka is the most trusted name in vibratory pumps in the industry. The Ulka 52 watt vibratory pump with thermal overload protection has brass ends, not plastic. Brass makes a more secure connection than models with plastic ends.
  • Stainless Steel Body: The Alexia features a heavy-duty, polished 304 stainless steel housing, pull out drip tray, and grate. The outer shell is easy to remove for maintenance.
  • Stainless Steel Steam Wand: High grade swivel steam wand features a 2-hole tip.
  • Insulated Boiler: An insulated 750 milliliter boiler not only minimizes heating cycles but also protects other components inside the machine housing from excessive long term heat exposure.

Additional Features

  • Two complete portafilters (one single and one double)
  • Thermo siphon circulation
  • Three Position Power Switch (left - power on for initial fill, center - power off, right - power on and heating)
  • Lever Action Semi-Automatic
  • Large 46 ounce capacity pulls out stainless drip tray
  • Cup warmer
  • Dual purpose pressure gauge
  • Precise magnetic switch detects low water level
  • Stainless Steel Blank for back flushing included


Anoptional PID controller is considered a pretty much essential upgrade, as it provides you with the ultimate stability and control over temperature regulation, an essential element of making great espresso. The Alexia will give you consistently good shots perfect for espresso or macchiato drinks.

Dimensions and Specifications

Width: 9”

Depth: 17”

Height: 15 ¼”

Wattage: 1400 watts

Voltage: 110 volts

Water reservoir: 3 liters

Boiler capacity: .75 liter

Net Weight: 38 lbs.



Available Colors

Stainless Steel

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