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Rancilio One Powder Module

By Rancilio Egro

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The Rancilio One Powder Module allows a wide range of powder beverages to be managed. The module is positioned on the right hand side of the machine and composed of two containers that can be filled with a single powder or with different chocolate and milk powders.

Total Integration

Fully integrated with the machine, the Powder Module allows the products to be selected and set directly from the display (ONE TOUCH) or control panel (ONE KEYPAD). The ingredients are blended by a special mixer inside the module, and the beverages are dispensed directly from the ONE dispensing spout.

Compactness, ergonomics, design

The front mask, whose design follows the ONE style, allows the barista to intervene with ease, also in cleaning and maintenance operations. The powder holders are also extremely simple to remove and clean.

Economic and practical

Egro LAB has designed the innovative powder module to offer an alternative and complete solution. Suitable for all those locations unable to use fresh milk.


    • Powder beverage management

    • Two independent, removable powder hoppers

    • Total integration with the ONE machine

    • Interface integrated with the ONE machine

    • Beverage dispensed through the ONE spout

    • External module to be positioned beside the machine

    • ONE style and design

    • Volume of powder holders: chocolate: 42 Oz (1.2 kg) / milk: 28 Oz (0.8 kg)

    • Product in powder  (cups/hour): 120

    • Weight: 28lb (13kg)

    • Dimension W x L x H: 6.3×18.5×30.3 in


Property Value

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