Rocket Espresso Giotto Plus V2 Part Diagram REGIOPLUSV2

This is the Rocket Espresso Giotto Plus V2 Part Diagram REGIOPLUSV2. In the list below, you will find all the parts associated with the diagram that are available. Use the parts diagram to determine the part(s) you need.

If the part listed below is not viewable then we do not carry it at this time. However, if your machine is currently in production we are likely able to acquire the part directly from the manufacturer. In this case, contact us by submitting a support ticket. Please be advised that it may take up to eight weeks for us to receive the part from the manufacturer.

Please note: Parts are neither returnable nor refundable. If you need assistance selecting a part for your machine, please submit a support ticket.
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Diagram # Pos # Image Description Price
Diagram # Pos # Image Description Price
REGIOPLUSV2-1 1 Chassis
Part Number: A009905082
$148.64 View Part
REGIOPLUSV2-1 2 Foot 30mm
Part Number: A019904281
$10.21 View Part
REGIOPLUSV2-1 3 Column
Part Number: C220004264
REGIOPLUSV2-1 4 Washer
Part Number: A309904532
$5.22 View Part
Part Number: C309900745
$1.00 View Part
Drip Tray Plus | Rocket Espresso RE-C01L004247
Drip tray
Part Number: C01L004247
$92.75 View Part
Grid | Rocket Espresso RE-A019904346
Part Number: A019904346
$30.00 View Part
A01I004629 Giotto Evoluzione V2 Faceplate | Rocket Espresso RE-A01I004629
Front panel
Part Number: A01I004629
$83.89 View Part
REGIOPLUSV2-1 9 Green led control lamp
Part Number: A139904519
REGIOPLUSV2-1 10 Stainless steel switch
Part Number: A199904992
Part Number: A529904289
Boiler Pressure Gauge - A299904632 | Rocket Espresso RE-A299904632
Boiler pressure gauge
Part Number: A299904632
$62.20 View Part
A299904633 Pump Pressure Gauge For Plus V2 | Rocket Espresso RE-A299904633
Pump pressure gauge
Part Number: A299904633
$87.23 View Part
REGIOPLUSV2-1 14 Front tag
Part Number: A859905007
REGIOPLUSV2-1 15 Screw
Part Number: A319904306
Rubber Connector | Rocket Espresso RE-C449900709
Rubber connector
Part Number: C449900709
$4.32 View Part
C199900306 Microswitch Group
Part Number: C199900306
$29.17 View Part
C01L002109 Gio Prem Plus V1 Panel | Rocket Espresso RE-C01L002109
Side panel
Part Number: C01L002109
$162.21 View Part
Back Panel | Rocket Espresso RE-C01L004255
Back panel
Part Number: C01L004255
$117.18 View Part
Rear Tag W Rocket Logo | Rocket Espresso RE-A859904400
Rear tag
Part Number: A859904400
$54.04 View Part
REGIOPLUSV2-1 21 Tank guide
Part Number: A019904451
REGIOPLUSV2-1 22 Screw
Part Number: A309904530
REGIOPLUSV2-1 23 Cups support panel
Part Number: C01L004246
REGIOPLUSV2-1 24 Reservoir cover complete
Part Number: R01L000382
REGIOPLUSV2-1 25 Cupsframe
Part Number: A630004286
REGIOPLUSV2-1 26 Screw
Part Number: A319904431
REGIOPLUSV2-1 27 Power cord CE
Part Number: C199900957
REGIOPLUSV2-1 Power cord IS
Part Number: A199904518
REGIOPLUSV2-1 Power cord KR
Part Number: A199904616
REGIOPLUSV2-1 Power cord UL
Part Number: C199900958
Part Number: C199901115
REGIOPLUSV2-1 Power cord GB
Part Number: C199901116
REGIOPLUSV2-1 Power cord CH
Part Number: C199901510
REGIOPLUSV2-1 28 Wiring loom V2
Part Number: A199905015
REGIOPLUSV2-1 29 Cable retainer
Part Number: C439900086
REGIOPLUSV2-1 30 Drain Connector
Part Number: A227704363
REGIOPLUSV2-2 1 Rounded nut
Part Number: A229904391
REGIOPLUSV2-2 2 Gasket
Part Number: C469900420
REGIOPLUSV2-2 3 Filter
Part Number: C619900554
REGIOPLUSV2-2 4 Restrictor 0,8
Part Number: C229900549
REGIOPLUSV2-2 5 Group Shaft
Part Number: C229901133
REGIOPLUSV2-2 6 Green gasket
Part Number: C469900422
REGIOPLUSV2-2 7 Teflon gasket
Part Number: C469900421
REGIOPLUSV2-2 8 Spring
Part Number: C219900423
REGIOPLUSV2-2 9 Valve assembly
Part Number: C219900424
REGIOPLUSV2-2 10 Gasket
Part Number: C449900767
REGIOPLUSV2-2 11 Shaft
Part Number: C219900425
REGIOPLUSV2-2 12 Group complete
Part Number: C200002983
Notes: parts n.10-23-24 not included
REGIOPLUSV2-2 13 Flange
Part Number: R000002142
REGIOPLUSV2-2 14 Gasket
Part Number: C219900426
REGIOPLUSV2-2 15 Support
Part Number: R000002143
REGIOPLUSV2-2 16 Spring
Part Number: C219900427
REGIOPLUSV2-2 17 Cover
Part Number: R000002144
REGIOPLUSV2-2 18 Shaft
Part Number: R000002145
REGIOPLUSV2-2 19 Lever shaft
Part Number: A829904329
REGIOPLUSV2-2 20 Group handle
Part Number: A839904330
Part Number: R000002146
REGIOPLUSV2-2 22 Diffuser
Part Number: C229901228
REGIOPLUSV2-2 23 Shower
Part Number: C519900103
REGIOPLUSV2-2 24 Group Gasket
Part Number: C449900229
REGIOPLUSV2-2 25 Drain valve
Part Number: C219900430
REGIOPLUSV2-2 26 Spring
Part Number: A219904309
REGIOPLUSV2-2 27 Cylinder
Part Number: C229901165
REGIOPLUSV2-2 28 Valve
Part Number: C219903081
REGIOPLUSV2-2 29 Spring
Part Number: C219900431
REGIOPLUSV2-2 30 Connector
Part Number: R000002148
REGIOPLUSV2-2 31 Gasket
Part Number: C469900783
REGIOPLUSV2-2 32 Connector
Part Number: R000002149
REGIOPLUSV2-2 33 1 cup filter holder
Part Number: A699905020
REGIOPLUSV2-2 34 2 cups filter holder
Part Number: A699905021
REGIOPLUSV2-2 7 gr filter basket
Part Number: C610003902
REGIOPLUSV2-2 14 gr filter basket
Part Number: C610003901
REGIOPLUSV2-2 37 Blind filter
Part Number: C619900106
REGIOPLUSV2-3 1 Boiler
Part Number: A277704278
REGIOPLUSV2-3 2 Copper gasket
Part Number: C479900673
REGIOPLUSV2-3 3 Connector
Part Number: C229900740
REGIOPLUSV2-3 4 Injector
Part Number: C229900393
REGIOPLUSV2-3 5 Connector
Part Number: A229904355
REGIOPLUSV2-3 6 Inlet pipe w. 3mm restrictor
Part Number: A279905173
REGIOPLUSV2-3 8 Connector
Part Number: A229904957
REGIOPLUSV2-3 9 Connector
Part Number: C229900528
REGIOPLUSV2-3 10 Teflon gasket
Part Number: A269904417
REGIOPLUSV2-3 11 Vacuum breaker valve
Part Number: C219900560
REGIOPLUSV2-3 12 Teflon gasket
Part Number: A449904331
REGIOPLUSV2-3 13 Safety valve
Part Number: A299904998
REGIOPLUSV2-3 14 Thermostat 135C
Part Number: C199901550
REGIOPLUSV2-3 15 Boiler level probe
Part Number: C199900839
REGIOPLUSV2-3 16 Pressure switch
Part Number: A199904296
REGIOPLUSV2-3 17 Connector
Part Number: C229900525
REGIOPLUSV2-3 18 Pressure switch pipe
Part Number: A279904292
REGIOPLUSV2-3 19 3 mm heating element gasket
Part Number: C469900239
REGIOPLUSV2-3 20 Heating element V230
Part Number: C199901551
REGIOPLUSV2-3 Heating element V115
Part Number: C199901552
REGIOPLUSV2-3 21 Return pipe
Part Number: A279904289
REGIOPLUSV2-3 22 Connector
Part Number: C229900518
Part Number: C309900131
REGIOPLUSV2-3 23A Copper gasket
Part Number: C479900228
Notes: use till sn D1223
REGIOPLUSV2-3 23B Connector
Part Number: A229904320
Notes: use wth 23A
REGIOPLUSV2-3 26 Steam pipe
Part Number: A279904290
REGIOPLUSV2-3 27 Connector
Part Number: C229900520
REGIOPLUSV2-3 28 Water pipe
Part Number: A229905097
Notes: from sn D1223
REGIOPLUSV2-3 28A Water pipe
Part Number: A279904291
Notes: use till sn D1223
REGIOPLUSV2-3 28B Connector
Part Number: C229900595
Notes: use with 28A
REGIOPLUSV2-3 30 Boiler support
Part Number: C000004257
REGIOPLUSV2-3 31 Pressure switch support
Part Number: C000004265
REGIOPLUSV2-3 32 Boiler protection
Part Number: A499904995
REGIOPLUSV2-4 1 Half nut 1/4
Part Number: A329905087
REGIOPLUSV2-4 2 Steam/ Hot water valve
Part Number: A229905055
Notes: use from Sn D1224G2V3181
REGIOPLUSV2-4 2A Steam/ Hot water valve
Part Number: A227704280
Notes: use till Sn D1224G2V3181
REGIOPLUSV2-4 3 Steam/water valve handle
Part Number: A430004284
Part Number: A829904376
REGIOPLUSV2-4 5 Washer
Part Number: A829904375
REGIOPLUSV2-4 6 Handle "clip"
Part Number: A809904377
Part Number: C400002786
REGIOPLUSV2-4 8 Cover handle
Part Number: A527704283
REGIOPLUSV2-4 9 Teflon gasket
Part Number: A449904331
REGIOPLUSV2-4 10 Spring
Part Number: A209904332
REGIOPLUSV2-4 11 Plate
Part Number: A229904333
REGIOPLUSV2-4 12 Oring
Part Number: C400002022
REGIOPLUSV2-4 13 Oring
Part Number: A449904334
REGIOPLUSV2-4 14 2 Holes steam nozzle
Part Number: C200002839
REGIOPLUSV2-4 15 Oring
Part Number: C400003008
REGIOPLUSV2-4 16 Hot water nozzle
Part Number: C227700536
REGIOPLUSV2-4 17 Hot water wand
Part Number: R290003612
REGIOPLUSV2-4 18 Steam wand
Part Number: R290003611
REGIOPLUSV2-4 19 Steam wand and tap complete
Part Number: A899904634
REGIOPLUSV2-4 20 Water wand and tap complete
Part Number: A899904635
REGIOPLUSV2-4 21 Steam/hot water valve rod
Part Number: R229905177
REGIOPLUSV2-4 22 Silicon pipe 4x7 no burn
Part Number: C440003449
REGIOPLUSV2-5 1 Expasion valve
Part Number: C229900911
REGIOPLUSV2-5 2 Inlet pipe heat exchanger
Part Number: C229900399
REGIOPLUSV2-5 3 T Connector 1/8M 1/8M 1/8F
Part Number: C229900644
REGIOPLUSV2-5 4 Non return valve
Part Number: C229900540
REGIOPLUSV2-5 5 Valve block pipe
Part Number: A279904991
REGIOPLUSV2-5 6 L Connector 1/8 MM
Part Number: A229904355
REGIOPLUSV2-5 7 L Connector 1/8 6x4 pipe
Part Number: A229904351
REGIOPLUSV2-5 8 Hydraulic block
Part Number: A529904952
REGIOPLUSV2-5 9 1/8 Copper gasket
Part Number: A479905079
REGIOPLUSV2-5 10 Valve 1/8 MF
Part Number: A299904994
REGIOPLUSV2-5 11 Expansion valve 9 bar 1/8 M
Part Number: A299905143
REGIOPLUSV2-5 12 Silicon pipe 5x8
Part Number: C499900769
REGIOPLUSV2-5 13 Solenoid valve V230
Part Number: C190004066
REGIOPLUSV2-5 Solenoid valve V115
Part Number: C190004067
REGIOPLUSV2-5 14 Inlet pipe boiler
Part Number: C229900400
REGIOPLUSV2-5 15 Connector 1/8 6x4 pipe
Part Number: C229900708
REGIOPLUSV2-5 16 Teflon pipe 4 x 6
Part Number: C269900300
REGIOPLUSV2-5 17 S2 Valve
Part Number: C200002112
REGIOPLUSV2-5 18 Pump support
Part Number: C000002075
REGIOPLUSV2-5 19 Pump support
Part Number: C000002076
REGIOPLUSV2-5 20 Rubber support
Part Number: C400002077
REGIOPLUSV2-5 21 Vibration pump V230
Part Number: C199900280
REGIOPLUSV2-5 Vibration pump V115
Part Number: C199900281
REGIOPLUSV2-5 22 Water tank handle
Part Number: A639904956
REGIOPLUSV2-5 23 Water tank complete
Part Number: R899905144
REGIOPLUSV2-5 24 Spring
Part Number: C019900711
REGIOPLUSV2-5 25 Connector
Part Number: C430003482
REGIOPLUSV2-5 26 O ring
Part Number: C449900702
REGIOPLUSV2-5 27 Coupling
Part Number: A439905146
REGIOPLUSV2-5 28 O ring
Part Number: A449904547
REGIOPLUSV2-5 29 Manifold
Part Number: A439905147
Notes: use from D1314G2P1856
REGIOPLUSV2-5 29A Manifold
Part Number: C430004245
Notes: use till D1314G2P1856
REGIOPLUSV2-5 29B Opening valve rod
Part Number: C520003483
Notes: use with 29A
REGIOPLUSV2-5 29C O ring
Part Number: C449901159
Notes: use with 29A and 29B
REGIOPLUSV2-5 30 Silicon pipe 6 x 9
Part Number: C260003822
REGIOPLUSV2-5 31 Sphere
Part Number: C430003819
REGIOPLUSV2-5 32 Non return connector
Part Number: C220003818
REGIOPLUSV2-5 33 Silicon pipe 4x7
Part Number: C400001928
REGIOPLUSV2-5 34 Plug-in Control box V230
Part Number: A190004524
REGIOPLUSV2-5 Plug-in Control box V115
Part Number: A190004525
REGIOPLUSV2-5 35 Control Box support
Part Number: A019904449
REGIOPLUSV2-5 36 Filter
Part Number: C439900695
REGIOPLUSV2-5 37 Pipe support
Part Number: C010003852
REGIOPLUSV2-5 38 Rubber T connector
Part Number: C400002827
Rubber Connector | Rocket Espresso RE-C449900709
Rubber connector
Part Number: C449900709
$4.32 View Part
REGIOPLUSV2-5 40 O ring Viton brown
Part Number: C449900786
REGIOPLUSV2-5 41 Pump thermoprotector
Part Number: C199900969
REGIOPLUSV2-5 42 Oring 4081
Part Number: A449905151
Notes: use from Sn D1308