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Rocket Espresso Pro Brewing Pack

By Whole Latte Love

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Rocket Espresso Pro Brewing Pack Overview

Hit the ground running with the Rocket Espresso Pro Brewing pack. This thoughtful assortment of espresso brewing accessories will help you pull better shots and take some effort out of your cleanup.

What Comes with It?

Rocket Espresso Bottomless Portafilter

A terrific training tool, the Rocket Espresso bottomless portafilter is a great accessory for getting a closer look at your extractions. Not only are bottomless shots beautiful when pulled correctly, but they offer you a closer look at how your shot preparation has affected extraction. Issues from channeling can be more easily addressed, and, the bottomless portafilter has additional room for oversized triple shot baskets.

Rocket Espresso Knock Box

Knock boxes are quality of life accessories that give you a place to dispose of spent pucks. When you're done brewing, simply strike the portafilter against the knock bar to knock out used coffee. For added flair, this beautiful polished steel knock box features the Rocket Espresso logo.

IMS Nanotech Shower Screen

IMS produced this precision E61 screen to promote more even water flow and reduced channeling through a redistribution of holes in the shower. Double punched to eliminate any fragmentation that would impede flow, these screens also feature a nano quartz coating coating that make them easier to clean than their stock counterparts.

Baristapro 21g Nanotech Basket

The counterpart to the shower screen, the 21g basket is a triple shot basket produced by IMS for richer extractions and easy cleanup. Cleanly punched, extra wide holes, nano quartz coating, and Italian origin make these the baskets to beat.

Rocket Espresso Tamper Station

This branded tamper station is the perfect tool for storing your tamper and securing your portafilter above the countertop to protect it from the spouts.

Caffewerks Orange Silicone Gasket

Use it as a spare or a replacement out of the box. This silicone gasket is far more pliable and heat resistant than traditional rubber group gaskets, ensuring the secure seal in your group head that's essential for extracting espresso.


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