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Saeco Intelia Focus

By Saeco

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The Saeco Intelia Focus HD8751 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine has a unique visual appearance with the clear plastic water reservoir and bean hopper emerging from the top of the machine giving you a constant view of the contents. The sleek flat black housing terminates in a polished full width drip tray. Operation is easy with the front mounted control panel and steam wand. You’ll be making perfect espresso in no time and well on your way to steaming and frothing milk for delicious lattes and cappuccinos.

One-Button Espresso or Americano - enjoy either one at the push of a button. Whether you want to enjoy an espresso or an Americano long coffee - your favorites are accessible with a touch of a button, and you can program the volume to remember your favorite settings. There are also controls for setting the strength of your drink.

Pre-infusion - Baristas know that pre-infusing or pre-wetting the coffee grounds for just a few seconds saturates the coffee grounds and allows maximum extraction of coffee flavor and crema during the subsequent pressurized brewing process.  The Saeco Pre-brewing Technology built into the Intelia Focus automatically ensures that the coffee grounds are moistened before the actual brewing process.

Bright Control Panel LED display - you will quickly master the easy to understand control menus which allow you to customize your coffee by entering settings for coffee strength and volume. Beyond drink settings the controls also offer a guided descaling and cleaning process, a setup menu to compensate for water hardness, water filter installation, stand-by timing, and display contrast.

Traffic-Light colored User Interface - The controls feedback information to you in a readily understandable color code; that is, like a traffic light, Red requires action, Yellow means the machine is "busy" (like heating up). Green is ready to use. Simple!

Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder – the use of engineered materials ceramic to manufacturer the grinder burrs gives you very quire operation, extreme longevity, consistent grind size, and low friction temperatures. The cool running grinder preserves the full aroma and flavor of your coffee beans.

Energy Saver – the Intelia Focus Super-Automatic Espresso Machine has a low-power standby mode that uses less than 1 Watt per hour, and it automatically goes into stand-by when there has been 30 minutes without any activity.

Automatic Cleaning and De-Scaling – Saeco takes espresso making seriously and they know that a key factor is using clean water in a clean machine for that perfect brew. That is why they built into the controls automatic cleaning and de-scaling events to keep your Intelia Focus in peak condition.

Removable Brew-Group – the brew-group is quickly removable to allow you to rinse away coffee brewing residue and get ready for the next brewing session. Saeco makes keeping it clean so easy!

  • Saeco adapting system
  • Aroma-system: pre-brewing
  • Automatic coffee circuit rinse
  • Descaling cycle
  • Adjustable coffee dispenser
  • Cup holding surface
  • Rapid steam
  • Removable brewing group
  • Normal / long espresso option
  • Energy saving: Automatic stand-by
  • Hot water / Steam Nozzle Pannarello: Plastic
  • Simultaneous brewing
  • Brita Filter compatible
  • Color: Black
  • Materials and finishing: Plastic
  • Boiler material: Stainless Steel (Inox)
  • Water reservoir capacity: 50.7oz (1,5 l)
  • Power: 1900 W
  • Pump Pressure: 15 bar
  • Dimensions (L x D x H): 10.7”x 17.3” x 13.4” (256x440x340 mm)
  • Weight: 17.63lb (8 kg)
  • Coffee bean capacity: 10.5oz (300 gr)
  • Dump box capacity: 10 servings

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