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By: Rancilio
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Burton asked:

Can anyone suggest a source in the USA for a Silvia Steam Wand, pre-converted for a Gaggia Classic?

Answer by Sanfam:

I'm not certain if there is a single pre-converted wand available anywhere as the wand needs to be set up using the parts from the source machine.  While the fittings are similar, the parts have changed across the years, sometimes using larger or smaller retaining nuts, sometimes requiring a washer and other times not.  This means that no part would be truly universal.  However, the conversion process is really quite easy and only requires very basic tools

Burton asked:

Can you provide a Silvia steam wand already converted for a Gaggia Classic?  If so how much would it cost and how long would it take to get in New York City?  I live in Guatemala (can't really ship to me there) and would need to have someone carry it down to me from NYC.

Answer by Erik:

We do sell the wands for the Gaggia Classic but we do not convert them for use on the Gaggia Classic.  Also, keep in mind, modifying the Gaggia Classic with a Silvia steam wand will void your warranty if the product is still within the warranty period.


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