Stainless Steel Knock Box

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Barista Basics Knockbox Open Bottom (6" x 6" x 5")

By: Barista Basics from Espresso Parts

Complete Your Set-Up with the Barista Basics Knockbox Open Bottom Designed for in counter use, the 6” x 6” x 5” Barista Basics Open Bottom Knockbox allows you to dispose of spent coffee pucks in your portafilter directly into your garbage can. This durable knockbox is made from 5mm thick ABS plastic with a removable...
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Complete Your Set-Up with the Stainless Steel Knock Box

A commercial quality Stainless Steel Knock Box for dispensing all your spent espresso shots. A hard knock bar covered in rubber provides a sturdy surface to knock against while the rubber protects your portafilter. A lip on the box allows you to sink the box into a countertop or espresso bar. Available in small (6" H, 6" W, 4" D) or large (12" H, 6" W, 4" D).


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