Whole Latte Love Monaco Whole Bean Espresso 5lb

By Whole Latte Love

Whole Latte Love Monaco Whole Bean Espresso 5lb

By Whole Latte Love

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Using only the finest beans from Central America, Indonesia and Africa, our Signature Espresso brings together some of the most sought-after beans in the world. Monaco is roasted light to create a nutty flavor, along with hints of tangy fruit and spice. The unique combination of these beans creates a smooth, rich texture for the perfect shot of crema-topped espresso. To complement its complex character, Monaco has a fairly bright, lingering finish for a sweet, fulfilling cup of coffee from beginning to end.

Available in 1lb and 5lb bags.

Know Your Bean

Body (light, medium, full)

Body is the distinct texture and thickness of a beverage that defines how it feels when it sits on your tongue, sometimes referred to as mouthfeel. For example, hot chocolate has an extremely full body, while a beverage such as iced tea has a very light body. When it comes to the body of coffee, lighter roasts have a lighter body, and vice versa. Monaco has a delicate, light-bodied texture that brings out its fruity flavors and lets the blend’s notes of spice shine. This lighter body also makes Monaco a perfect espresso to enjoy with breakfast.

Acidity (smooth, balanced, bright)

Acidity is marked by the tangy sensation it creates on the back and sides of the tongue. For example, a tart citrus fruit has an extremely bright acidity, while more mild fruits would have less acidity, making them balanced like an apple, or smooth like a banana. Acidity is perhaps the most striking flavor characteristic in a cup of coffee, and light roasts are known for a much brighter acidity than darker roasts. Monaco is nicely balanced with most of the brightness coming through in the finish. No matter how you prepare this coffee, the true depth of the flavors and aromas are well complemented by Monaco’s pleasingly subtle smoothness.

Roast (light, medium, dark)

Every coffee requires its own type of roast to capture the best aroma and flavor, so finding the right roast is as much a science as an art. Each variety of coffee bean is microbatch-roasted separately, then combined to create Monaco. Microbatch-roasting guarantees that the beans are not over-roasted and never burnt, so every cup you drink will be rich with the peak flavors of the coffee. Monaco uses a unique combination of coffee beans that are best enjoyed at a light to medium roast.


This 100% Arabica blend combines some of the best beans from Central America, Indonesia and Africa.

Caffeine Content

We measured the caffeine content for all of our blends. For a typical single shot of espresso, we used 7 grams of ground coffee. Monaco contains 65.37 milligrams in a 1.5 oz shot.

World Ranking

Monaco combines the finest quality beans in the world, all ranked in the top 10.

Perfect Pairings and Uses

Monaco is great by itself, or prepared as a cappuccino or latte. Its citric notes are well pronounced, so they’ll come through in any milk drink. As a smooth light espresso, it's also just the thing to round off light lunch meats like chicken or turkey. Not too heavy with a golden light crema, this coffee also goes very well with hard, medium aged cheddars and fruit.


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