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Wiedemann Puck®

By Wiedemann

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The Wiedemann Puck® is a unique storage solution that allows you to hang your portafilters from the Wiedemann Hangup to help you save space in your drawers and on your counter.

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Wiedemann Puck® Overview

An ingenious solution to the issue of portafilter storage, the Wiedemann Puck® is a specially designed portafilter holder that works in tandem with the Wiedemann Hangup to securely hang your extra portafilters from the wall. The Puck® is 58mm in diameter with internal magnets that securely attach it to the corresponding magnets in the Hangup. Three semi-retractable posts on the circumference provide tension inside of the portafilter basket (both flat and ridged) to help hold it in place on the wall.

Included with the Puck® is a fabric foot to prevent damage when attaching it to the Hangup and to allow for more easy removal from magnetic surfaces.

Made in Germany / For use with 58mm Portafilters

Please Note: When installing the Puck® it is important to first attach the included fabric foot to prevent damage to the wood surface of the Wiedemann Hangup. Once installed on the Hangup, the magnets make the Puck® very difficult to turn if you need to reorient the logo, so take care when placing it.

While the Puck® itself is magnetic, it relies on the corresponding magnets in the Wiedemann Hangup to support the weight of a portafilter. If you are attempting to attach the Puck® to other surfaces, the magnetic attraction may not be strong enough to function properly.


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