4 Drinks I Didn't Know I Could Make With Drip Coffee

by Anthony Licata Updated: April 15, 2019 2 min read
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If you’re reading this, I think it’s safe to say we can all agree how great coffee is. With a wide variety of beans and endless ways to prepare, serve, and enjoy them, coffee is easily the most diverse and cultural beverage in the world.
Coffee originally popped up in European markets during the 17th century and wouldn’t become a popular drink in the United States until after the Boston Tea Party. Today, we can bring the world’s best coffees to our own kitchens with a good coffee maker and a few ingredients.

Here are just a few drinks you can make with a simple coffee maker like our Technivorm Moccamaster CDT:

Portugal’s Mazagran

While originating in Algeria, the Portuguese version of this iced drink has a unique combination of coffee, sugar, and lemon juice. This lemonade-like coffee is a sweet and refreshing twist on your favorite iced coffee.

Irish Coffee

There are several origin stories to Irish Coffee that predate written recipes by 100 years. Whatever the case, mixing black coffee, irish whiskey, and sugar, topped with cream makes for a staple drink. For a more traditional version, use brown sugar and heavy cream that has not been whipped. However you choose to make it, sip your coffee through the cream and enjoy.

Germany’s Eiskaffe

Skip putting creamer in your iced coffee and dive right in with the good stuff — ice cream! Yes, Germany’s delicious take on iced coffee is a great fix for a coffee lover’s sweet tooth and is a chance to have coffee and dessert at the same time.

Austria’s Kaisermelange

Be like royalty and drink “The Emperor’s Melange”. By far the strangest combination on this list, a Kaisermelange consists of mixing honey and a raw egg yolk at the bottom of a glass before pouring hot coffee over the peculiar duo.
Four unique drinks that can be easily created by any level of coffee lover, all with a little drip coffee and some inspiration from around the globe.