Coffee Spotlight: illy Coffee and Espresso

by Whole Latte Love Updated: August 25, 2023 2 min read
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A conversation about Italian coffee can not be had without the mention of Illy. This 75-year-old company is rooted in a culture of quality and innovation. From iperEspresso capsules and MonoDose pods to whole-bean and pre-ground coffee, Illy delicacies are served in more than 50,000 restaurants and cafes worldwide. An impressive six million cups of Illy coffee are consumed every day and Illy-branded products are available in more than 140 countries. If you haven't tasted one of Illy's remarkable blends, consider trying one today.

What Are My Choices?

Pre-measured and expertly blended, illy's MonoDose pods are compatible with most ESE-pod-ready espresso machines. These pods offer a mess-free alternative to grinding and tamping each shot. They are available in medium, dark, and decaf to suit your tastes; all three are made with high-quality Arabica coffee and contain 6.9 grams of finely ground espresso. Want to explore the different MonoDoses? Check out the illy MonoDose Pod Sampler!

For single-serve espresso that tastes and smells like a barista-prepared beverage, consider illy's iperEspresso capsules. Available in dark, medium, and decaf roasts, these capsules are compatible with the FrancisFrancis X7 iperEspresso machines, in your choice of black or red, as well as the brand-new Gaggia for Illy single-serve. The iperEspresso system is designed to create longer lasting and more voluminous crema with every shot.

Ground coffee drinkers have a large selection of gourmet Illy roasts to choose from: Fine Grind Decaf, Regular, and Dark as well as Dark and Regular drip coffee. Unlike most pre-ground coffee, Illy's Fine Grind is calibrated to work with not only drip coffee makers but also espresso machines. The drip coffee is designed to give those without an espresso machine the ability to make aromatic beverages at home.

Illy whole bean espresso is available in decaf, regular, and dark roasts. Among the world's most esteemed coffee, Illy whole bean is served by celebrated chefs and baristas everywhere. Illy's whole bean coffee is available in 8.8oz cans for easy storage. Not only are Illy coffees innovative, delicious, and aromatic, they are also affordable. There's never been a better time to try one of the world's most recognizable coffee and espresso brands.