Do You Know Your Dad’s Barista Type?

by Joshua Apisdorf Updated: August 25, 2023 6 min read
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Everyone enjoys coffee in their own way, and if you’ve got an espresso-loving dad, he deserves a Father’s Day gift personalized to him.

Maybe your dad is at a specific point in his coffee journey and needs specific tools to flesh out his setup, like a new grinder or more coffee options.

Maybe he enjoys one aspect of espresso more than others, like pour over or drip coffee.

Or maybe his lifestyle requires specific accessories or gear that makes things just a bit easier for him.

No matter what type of barista your dad is, we have the tools to fit his vibe. Read on to match your dad to his perfect gear!

For the Coffee Aficionado

If your dad is deep into the espresso lifestyle, he may not be interested in upgrading his setup as much as refining it.

A dad like yours would want accessories or machines that give him additional options for coffee brewing since he likely already has all the basics.

Dad Types Aficionado

Coffee gear for the dad who needs more options.

The ECM Mechanika V Slim is a compact espresso machine that takes up very little space while still providing a powerful brewing experience.

If your dad already has a primary espresso machine, the Mechanika can serve as a nice auxiliary machine to experiment with on the side without taking up too much counter space.

Meanwhile, the ECM S-Manuale 64 is the perfect companion grinder to a prosumer espresso machine.

If your dad already has a favorite espresso machine but needs a new grinder to partner with it, the S-Manuale is a classy, durable option that provides excellent grind quality control thanks to its manual-only design.

If your dad already has a ride-or-die espresso machine and grinder combo that he wouldn’t dream of changing, you can always rely on accessories!

The Saint Anthony Industries New Levy Precision Tamping Tool is a high quality piece of tamping equipment that lets you adjust tamp depth based on the weight of your dose, leading to a nice, even tamp.

This tool is made in the USA and the materials are premium, being made of industrial grade teflon that repels grime and keeps the tool clean.

This tamping tool is the perfect addition to your dad’s espresso rituals while also being an impressive gift visually.

If your dad already has literally everything else, new coffee blends are a fantastic fallback— it’s the one element of espresso that always needs replacing, after all.

Maromas Platinea Whole Bean Espresso is always a solid option if your dad is in need of beans. This 100% Arabica blend has grand aromas and a noble acidity, making it a premium option for baristas with a distinguished taste.

For the Coffee Aficionado

For the Dad On The Go

If your dad frequently finds himself out and about, running errands or moving around for work, he can run into some unique challenges if he’s really into espresso.

For a dad like that, gifts that make espresso portable and accessible while out of the house will be great options.

Dad Type On the Go

Make espresso portable with mugs and super efficient machines.

The Gaggia Cadorna Prestige comes with 14 drinks preprogrammed into the machine, shortening the time needed to brew while still giving your dad options.

The machine also includes an integrated milk carafe, which makes creating milk beverages a breeze.

The sheer convenience of the Cadorna Prestige makes it easy for dad to brew his favorite coffee without hassle before heading out.

No outing is complete without the right container for your dad’s morning beverage! The Fellow Carter Move Mug is perfect for a dad that’s always movin’ and groovin’.

Its elegant design fits any cup holder and the snap-in splash guard keeps coffee from spilling out.

As a bonus, the ceramic coating inside ensures that each cup of coffee tastes exactly how it should without lingering aromas from previous drinks.

If your dad is already set with on-the-go accessories and convenient machines, we’ve got coffee options for you!

Crema Wave is a great blend choice regardless of what machine your dad owns because it tastes amazing no matter how he chooses to brew it.

Crema Wave works for single or double shot, evoking sweet flavors of honey and almond. In milk, your dad will love its natural sweetness that becomes even more apparent in a cappuccino or latte.

For the Dad On The Go

For the Traditionalist

Dads who are more old school might enjoy drip coffee as their preferred beverage. If that sounds like your dad, we’ve got some great options for you.

Dad Type Traditionalist

Coffee gifts for dads that like to keep things simple.

The Ratio Six Coffee Maker is a fantastic no frills coffee maker that features a 45 second bloom cycle and 7 minute brew cycle with the touch of a button.

This machine comes with a removable heat shield that can create a brewed coffee just under 200 degrees F.

This coffee maker is no-nonsense and supremely easy to use. Perfect for a coffee traditionalist that likes to keep things simple.

Meanwhile, the Fellow Opus All-Purpose burr grinder is a do-it-all grinder that’s both affordable and versatile.

With simple push-and-play operation, this grinder is ready to go right out of the box.

41 stepped adjustments and a micro adjustment ring inside the grinder give it precise adjustability suited to all brewing methods— Perfect for traditional coffee makers who want a straightforward way to grind their coffee the way they like it.

If your dad needs a good old-fashioned mug, the notNeutral LINO 16oz mug has a classic and elegant design guaranteed to be a hit with him.

This mug offers top quality comfort while being dishwasher and microwave safe.

Lastly, as with any espresso dad, coffee blends will be your best friend if you’ve exhausted all other options.

We recommend the Whole Latte Love Guatemala Huehuetenango Single Origin Bean Coffee for its warm and comforting flavor and notes of chocolate, cinnamon, graham, hazelnut, and lemon— Delicious no matter how your dad chooses to brew it!

For the Traditionalist

For the Dad Who Camps

The great outdoors can be a blast, but maybe your dad would like to take his espresso passion with him on his adventures.

For this type of adventurous barista dad, pour over coffee will be an amazing option.

Dad Type Camping

The best gear for dads who love to rough it in the wilderness.

The Saint Anthony Industries Perfect Pour Over Kettle in stainless steel is a durable and rugged kettle featuring a narrow gooseneck spout for optimal pouring precision.

This kettle’s design allows for steady and accurate pours, leading to an even distribution of water over coffee. That stability makes it perfect while roughing it on camping trips.

For the coffee brewing itself, the Espro Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer is a durable option for pour over brewing that doesn’t even require the use of paper filters!

Its steep angled brew chamber increases water height and head pressure, which helps provide an even extraction at a brew speed of just 2 minutes.

These conveniences make the Espro Bloom a perfect brewer while in the wilderness.

If your dad is the type to prepare everything while in the field rather than ahead of time, he’ll need a reliable grinder that doesn’t use electricity.

The Comandante C40 coffee grinder in Black Oak fits the bill by being a rugged option that can hold up to 40g of coffee, enough for 4-6 cups.

The Comandante’s grind adjustment is incredibly precise and the build construction keeps things feeling study even after multiple uses.

When camping, the last thing your dad wants is for his grinder to break, and this reliable option will ensure that never happens.

To round out your dad’s camping setup, go for the reliable Camelbak Horizon Camp Mug in Moss Green.

It’s double-walled and vacuum-insulated for 6 hours of cold retention and 4 hours of heat retention, letting your dad go for long treks without worrying about his drink’s temperature.

The Camelbak Horizon Camp Mug is also highly durable, made of stainless steel, ensuring it can take a licking and keep on kicking, no matter the environment.

Last, of course, coffee makes an awesome gift no matter the dad.

The Carraro Caffe del Villaggio Catuai blend is high quality Arabica and robusta coffee that boasts a velvety, refined, chocolatey flavor.

This blend is perfect for a camper looking to warm their mind, body, and spirit while roughing it outside.

For the Dad Who Camps

Get Your Dad Geared Up!

With all you’ve just learned, identifying your dad’s barista type should be a breeze, as should finding the perfect gifts for him.

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