New Year, New Gear: Whole Latte Love's Latest Acquisitions

by Whole Latte Love Updated: August 25, 2023 12 min read
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Out with the old, in with the new. Right? That’s the old adage at least. Well, have we got some new and exciting products for you! From espresso machines and coffee makers to grinders and essential accessories, there's something for everyone.

Continue reading to check out some of the most recent additions to our industry-leading catalog that we want to share with you!


Established over 75 years ago, Gaggia is renowned for producing quality coffee machines. One of their latest and greatest models is the revamped 2022 version of the Gaggia Accademia, which boasts an array of features and options to make your coffee experience truly memorable.


New Year, New Gear: Whole Latte Love's Latest Acquisitions

Gaggia Accademia

79 Reviews
The Gaggia Accademia is a fully automatic luxury Italian espresso machine with painted stainless steel housing and a full color glass touchscreen display and front body panel. With a menu of 19 unique beverages and superlative customization options, your perfect specialty coffee awaits. Enjoy effortless Cappuccinos and other café favorites with the auto-frothing carafe, or master the art of milk frothing with Gaggia's exclusive commercial steam wand.

Are you looking for a combination of exceptional performance and stylish design to help kickstart your new year's caffeination? Look no further than the Gaggia Accademia. Updated for 2022, this espresso machine is made with both metal and glass, giving it a luxurious look that all its plastic counterparts can't match. It is also incredibly convenient to use, while still offering you the highest degree of drink customization possible.

The unique settings on this machine allow you to choose a strength between 6.5-11.5g and a temperature of low, medium or high. Additionally, the Espresso Plus System offers a full-bodied brewing option, along with short, medium and long pre-infusion times for those who want more nuanced cups of coffee. With the "Two cups" function and Coffee Boost system, users can also brew a double shot of espresso consecutively with just one press of the button. If you're searching for quality, style, and convenience in 2023, you can't do much better than the the Gaggia Accademia.


Known for time-honored craftsmanship and embracement of the latest technological advances, Eureka has long set a high standard for espresso grinders in the specialty coffee industry. This remains apparent in the latest additions to their ever-popular Mignon line, the Zero and Turbo.

Mignon Zero

New Year, New Gear: Whole Latte Love's Latest Acquisitions

Eureka Mignon Zero Single Dose Coffee Grinder - Chrome

21 Reviews
Enhance your brewing setup with the Eureka Mignon Zero Espresso Grinder. This single dose espresso grinder has 55mm hardened steel burrs, micrometric stepless adjustments, and a high dose consistency that makes it ideal for any coffee aficionado.

Get the best out of your espresso this year with the Eureka Mignon Zero single dose grinder! With perfect accuracy and full control over your grind size, it delivers consistent results for a delicious cup of joe.

The Mignon Zero is sure to be a welcome addition to your morning routine with its incredibly fast and consistent grind performance. It features 55mm hardened stainless steel burrs and a 45g bean hopper, perfect for holding a single dose of beans. Plus, its Stepless Micrometric Adjustment system allows you to easily dial in the perfect setting in order to achieve precise results. Additionally, it can grind between 1.2-1.8g of coffee per second for espresso, and 1.9-2.5g per second for French press or other coarser brews. Best of all, it comes with a blowup chute and portafilter prongs allowing you to grind directly into your portafilter or container, as well as an adjustable dosing cup for added convenience. The Mignon Zero is sure to make grinding and preparation faster and easier without sacrificing quality or consistency.

Mignon Turbo

New Year, New Gear: Whole Latte Love's Latest Acquisitions

Eureka Mignon Turbo Espresso Grinder - Chrome

2 Reviews
Amp up your coffee grinding experience with the Eureka Mignon Turbo, a stylish and powerful grinder with stellar features like 65mm burrs, silent grind technology, and an intuitive touch screen display.

Take your coffee grinding experience to the next level in 2023 with the Eureka Mignon Turbo. Enjoy precise, consistent grinding with minimal effort thanks to the Mignon Turbo's digital controls and enhanced 500W motor.

What sets this grinder apart is the inclusion of larger 65mm hardened steel burrs, allowing you to grind faster and more consistently at an impressive rate of 1.8-2.3g/sec. Not only that, but thanks to Silent Grind technology, noise is reduced by roughly 20 dB when compared to similar grinders. Several other features include the Anti-Clumps and Electrostaticity System for superior cleanliness, Eureka’s patented Stepless Micrometric Regulation System for infinite adjustment points, a 300g capacity bean hopper, and a metallic outlet chute. Also featured is are adjustable timing settings within one-tenth of a second, as well as a rubber coated fork for hands-free grinding. Capable of grinding coffee to a professional level at an incredibly fast rate, the Mignon Turbo lives up to its name with impressive speed and efficiency.


Discover the perfect cup of espresso with ECM's newest range of innovative espresso machines, grinders, and accessories that deliver outstanding results with minimal effort. Just in time for the start of the new year is the Heritage Line of products, which incorporate a truly beautiful design combination of satin-finished steel, anthracite, and copper accents.

Mechanika VI Slim, Heritage Line

New Year, New Gear: Whole Latte Love's Latest Acquisitions

ECM Mechanika VI Slim Espresso Machine Heritage Line

4 Reviews
The ECM Mechanika VI Slim, Heritage Line combines state-of-the-art features like a three-position temperature control switch, with a compact and stunning design consisting of a satin-finished steel front panel, anthracite housing, and copper accents.

Introducing the Heritage Line version of the Mechanika VI Slim from ECM, a powerful heat exchanger espresso machine built to last. This model is finished with a satin-front panel, anthracite housing and tasteful copper accents, making it an enticingly sleek centerpiece to any café, coffee house, or kitchen countertop.

The Mechanika VI Slim's compact size and style belies its robust features, which include dual pressure gauges, a custom ECM E61 brew group, and a PID. To further maximize user convenience and quality of the coffee it produces, this model also features a three-position switch that allows for easy adjustment of boiler temperature, pre-infusion and ECO mode settings. The 2.2L stainless steel boiler is insulated to ensure energy efficiency and mounted vertically to maintain minimal width. The OPV also remains accessible from the top of the machine under the reservoir lid. ECM always has always shown attention to detail when it comes to their products, and the Mechanika VI Slim is no exception.

S-Manuale 64 Grinder, Heritage Line

New Year, New Gear: Whole Latte Love's Latest Acquisitions

ECM S-Manuale 64 Espresso Grinder Heritage Line

16 Reviews
The ECM S-Manuale 64, Heritage Line, is one of the most powerful grinders on the market for its price-point, and features an exclusive anthracite, satin-finished steel, and copper design.

Get the most out of your coffee with the Heritage Line version of the ECM S-Manuale 64 Grinder. The addition of anthracite housing adds a stylish touch, and the satin-finished steel grinds chute is complemented by a copper-colored grind level indicator, and ECM emblem on the back of the housing.

Aside from its alluring visual appeal, the S-Manuale 64 is a state-of-the art grinder that provides precise grind settings and an innovative grinding system that enables the recreation of premium flavors while still keeping operating noise levels to a minimum. Stepless grind adjustment allows for near infinite settings, and vented housing results in improved airflow. The inclusion of an O-ring inside the grinding chamber prevents grounds from packing the adjustment threads for better calibration. All in all, the Heritage Line version of the ECM S-Manuale 64 grinder is a perfect product for achieving coffee consumption that is a cut above this year.

Barista Towel and Heritage Line Knockbox

Complete your coffee bar setup with this all-new pair of ECM accessories — the Barista Towel, and Heritage Line-exclusive Knockbox.

Coffee connoisseurs who strive to keep their preparation space clean should look no further than the ECM Barista Towel. Made of durable microfiber and designed in Germany, this versatile three-in-one towel can easily absorb liquid and clean stainless steel housing, steam wands, and portafilters with ease.

Another excellent ECM accessory recently released is the Heritage Line Knockbox. Made of solid satin steel and with a copper-finished ECM emblem, this knockout drawer provides a beautiful aesthetic for your home espresso setup either on its own, or alongside the rest of our ECM Heritage Line products. It even features a sound absorbing knock bar for minimal noise when removing spent pucks.


Get the most out of your coffee beans with the latest espresso machines from Profitec — the Pro 600 with Quick Steam Plus, and GO. Both options offer superior quality and flavor, and make a great addition to any kitchen with stylish design and color options.

Pro 600 with Quick Steam Plus

New Year, New Gear: Whole Latte Love's Latest Acquisitions

Profitec Pro 600 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine with Quick Steam Plus

164 Reviews
The Profitec Pro 600 is a dual PID, dual boiler espresso machine that separates itself from the crowd, thanks to its high steam power and precise temperature control. This version offers more precise steam control with the inclusion of spring-loaded quick steam valves.

Say hello to the Profitec Pro 600, a dual boiler espresso machine designed to produce high-quality coffee drinks. With the addition of Quick Steam Plus, you can now steam with impressive speed and control thanks to spring-loaded joystick steam and hot water knobs that can be throttled for quick and controlled bursts of steam or locked in place for continuous frothing.

Visually, the Pro 600 features housing made of polished stainless steel and has a modern matte black panel design with distinctively shaped steam and hot water arms in the side cutouts. As for the machine's inner workings, each boiler can be individually regulated for optimum temperature and shot timing, while the the upgraded PID controller provides an incredible 2-bar pressure of steam power. Both boilers are insulated and constructed from stainless steel, with a 0.75L capacity brew boiler, 1L steam boiler volume, and vibration pump. Maintenance is also easy to do at home, making this an excellent option for those who want their machine to last for years to come.

GO (Pro 100)

Enjoy perfect cups of espresso all year long with the Profitec GO (Pro 100). Sophisticated yet budget-friendly, it's easy to operate, efficient, and can deliver delicious coffee drinks. This incredible machine can prepare your favorite espresso beverages in no time.

As a single boiler espresso machine, the GO sets itself apart from its competitors in its price range. Available in fantastic color options like red and yellow, it features a 0.4L eco brass boiler that is ready to brew just 5-7 minutes after being switched on, and a 1,200W heating element for quick changeover from brewing to steaming. The easy to use buttons on the face of the machine make it simple to operate functions like brewing temperature, while settings like switching between modes like ECO (automatic shutoff) and Cln (reminders for cleaning) mode can be easily adjusted by using the PID controller located above the drip tray. Overall, the GO is both aesthetically pleasing and user friendly, making it the perfect machine for those looking to enjoy a café-quality experience from the comfort of their home.


From creamy cappuccinos to super smooth lattes, experience the excellence of a cup made from a top-of-the-line Bezzera espresso machine. We currently offer a number of new options from this standout brand — the Matrix MN, DUO MN, Magica, and Unica — and all options are available with flow control functionality.

Matrix MN with Flow Control

New Year, New Gear: Whole Latte Love's Latest Acquisitions

Bezzera Matrix MN Dual Boiler Espresso Machine with Flow Control

0 Reviews
The Bezzera Matrix MN is a visionary dual boiler espresso machine that boasts touchscreen control over dual PIDs, programmable pre-infusion, automated backflushing, and plumbed operation. Its vibrant, color changing panels allow the Matrix to easily mesh with any kitchen.

Prepare coffee like a pro in no time with the Bezzera Matrix MN, equipped with a sophisticated flow control system for unmatched control and customization of your favorite drinks.

The Matrix MN is a dual boiler espresso machine that offers an impressive range of features that will make even the most seasoned baristas giddy. Not only does the machine have a sleek, modern look with its light-scattering side panels, it also boasts a vivid touchscreen display for intuitive ease of use. The inclusion of flow control offers more control over how each shot is brewed by allowing for adjustment of the rate of water flow to your portafilter. With PID controllers for consistent temperatures and automated pre-infusion cycles for optimal flavor extraction, this machine will grant you perfectly pulled shots every time. It can be operated via push button/toggle or connected directly to your water line for filterless operation. If you're feeling creative, you can even customize the color of the Matrix MN's side panels by adjusting their RGB spectrum.

Duo MN with Flow Control

New Year, New Gear: Whole Latte Love's Latest Acquisitions

Bezzera DUO MN Dual Boiler Espresso Machine with Flow Control

11 Reviews
The Bezzera DUO MN is a dual boiler machine that features touch screen navigation, optional plumbed operation, and programmable preinfusion. Its E61 group head and dual PIDs control both brew and steam boiler temperatures, for the ultimate in temperature stability.

Make café-level espresso beverages from the comfort of your own kitchen using the Bezzera DUO MN with flow control. This expertly crafted machine features adjustable temperature and pressure settings for maximum customization.

As a dual boiler espresso machine, the DUO MN offers endless possibilities when it comes to espresso. The addition of rosewood steam knobs adds some much-appreciated style, while flow control allows for customization of pre-infusion for more control than ever over your shots. The DUO MN also features two PID controllers and touch screen display to achieve excellent temperature stability and maximum flavor extraction. The touch screen lets you easily adjust the times when the machine should be turned on or off, change its operating mode, access maintenance cycles, and more. You can choose to either use reservoir water or plumb the machine directly into a water line for uninterrupted espresso enjoyment. For greater temperature stability, you can make use of the traditional E61 group head syphon system while the push button and toggle operation make brewing easy, as each function is designated by a stylized icon.

Magica with Flow Control

New Year, New Gear: Whole Latte Love's Latest Acquisitions

Bezzera Magica PID Espresso Machine with Flow Control

7 Reviews

The Bezzera Magica PID is a classic heat exchanger espresso machine with a 2 liter copper boiler and a massive 4 liter reservoir. Retro Italian aesthetics bestow a timeless, understated look, accentuated by beautiful stainless steel housing.

Enjoy a consistent cup of coffee every time with the Bezzera Magica. Now with flow control functionality, you can experience the ultimate barista experience with expert-level control of drink settings and parameters.

If you're looking for the utmost convenience and quality in a heat exchanger espresso machine, the Magica has it all. This powerful and iconic machine employs a traditional vibration pump with an adjustable flow control system to enable you to experiment with different pre-infusion profiles, giving you full control over your espresso extraction. Also present is a 4L water reservoir and a 2L copper boiler with an E61 group head to ensure perfect temperature stability throughout the brewing process, dual pressure gauges, steam and hot water joysticks, a large drip tray and a cup warmer capable of accommodating up to four cappuccinos or lattes at once. Whether you're making multiple espressos back-to-back or entertaining guests in style, the Magica is more than capable of handling the job.

Unica with Flow Control

New Year, New Gear: Whole Latte Love's Latest Acquisitions

Bezzera Unica Espresso Machine with Flow Control

17 Reviews
The Bezzera Unica is a small single boiler PID espresso machine that can make quality espresso in just about any kitchen space.

Get top-notch espresso at home, the office, or wherever choose to brew with the Bezzera Unica. With adjustable flow control, you can customize your espresso to perfection each time.

The Unica is a single boiler espresso machine that packs a ton of features in a very compact design. Using its single 0.5 copper boiler, the Unica can heat up quickly to deliver your espresso faster than many other similarly priced machines. With the addition of flow control functionality, you can alter the speed of water running through your portafilter for optimal pre-infusion before brewing — letting you customize each shot for the perfect cup of coffee every time. Add in the inclusion of a E61 group head, 3-way solenoid valve, vibration pump, steam wand, and two-hole steam tips provided, you’ll be able to brew delicious shot after delicious shot.


Barista Improving Taste (BIT) is the answer to all of your espresso extraction needs. BIT provides a range of products like the all-new shower screen and holding plate set for the Gaggia Classic Pro that we are very excited about. Whether you're hoping for brighter, sweeter shots or looking for ways to reduce bitterness, BIT will help you achieve perfect coffee each and every time.

Shower Screen and Holding Plate for Gaggia Classic Pro

New Year, New Gear: Whole Latte Love's Latest Acquisitions

BIT International Gaggia Classic Pro Shower Screen and Holding Plate

14 Reviews
BIT International Gaggia Classic Pro Shower Screen and Holding Plate Overview Designed as a simple means to improve the brewing performance of the Gaggia Classic Pro, the unique design of the BIT I...

Upgrade your espresso brewing game with the Shower Screen and Holding Plate from BIT, designed specifically for use with the Gaggia Classic Pro.

This unique set is specially designed to improve brewing with the Classic Pro by redistributing water through milled channels for a softer introduction to your coffee. The shower screen and holding plate work in tandem to provide a more even flow and more consistent extractions.


Ceado is an Italian company that has grown to become a leader in the coffee grinder industry. Since 2003, the brand has boasted a wide range of NSF-approved commercial-grade grinders with a reach stretching across 70 countries thanks to a multitude of pioneering designs and technological advances.

Opalglide Single Dosing Burrs

Step up your barista game with a recent standout product from Ceado — Opalglide Single Dosing Burrs. Experience great flavor and superb consistency with the aid of these top-shelf burrs that produce an accurate, smooth grind every time.

Opalglide Single Dosing Burrs are available in 64mm and 83mm sizes, and designed to reduce the retention of coffee grounds during grinding. The result is an even, uniform consistency with every dose. These burrs fit all Ceado E37S, E37SL, and E37T grinders, and are sold in sets of two.


There’s quite a lot of new stuff from DeLonghi, a brand we really respect. If you’re someone who just wants to push a button in the morning and get something delicious in return, DeLonghi’s the way to go.

Magnifica Evo ECAM29084SB

New Year, New Gear: Whole Latte Love's Latest Acquisitions

DeLonghi Magnifica Evo ECAM29084SB

6 Reviews
With seven drink options, each with a dedicated one-touch fully colored icon, an integrated conical burr grinder, and De’Longhi’s patented LatteCrema™ milk system, the Magnifica Evo Super-Automatic Espresso Machine ECAM29084SB offers an accessible and authentic at-home espresso experience.

Make delectable coffee drinks from home with the DeLonghi Magnifica Evo ECAM29084SB. This super-automatic machine uses adjustable grind settings to ensure superior quality, while an easy-to-use interface offers fuss-free espresso crafting.

The Magnifica Evo ECAM29084SB puts innovation and affordability in the same harmonious package, giving espresso and tea drinkers seven different beverages they can make with a single press of a button. It has an integrated conical burr grinder that makes sure you get an optimal grind, dose and extraction each time, as well as DeLonghi’s patented LatteCrema system to help whip up excellent foam for topping your drinks. Also included is a heated cup tray on top, 60oz water reservoir, 24oz bean hopper, 15-bar pump and My Latte beverage option which detects and uses whatever milk you have poured into its container.

Magnifica Evo ECAM29043SB

New Year, New Gear: Whole Latte Love's Latest Acquisitions

DeLonghi Magnifica Evo ECAM29043SB

4 Reviews
Enjoying your favorite espresso drinks has never been easier with the DeLonghi Magnifica Evo Super-Automatic Espresso Machine ECAM29043SB. The illustrated buttons on this bean-to-cup machine allow you to easily choose from the six customizable drink options.

Are you looking for an easy-to-use, bean-to-cup espresso machine that gives you perfect drinks with just the press of a button? The DeLonghi Magnifica Evo ECAM29043SB is for you.

The Magnifica Evo ECAM29043SB is a standout super-automatic espresso machine that utilizes easy brewing, intuitive programming, and customizable settings to make delicious espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, and more. With six drink options and illustrated buttons, you can quickly select the perfect drink. You can also customize each of the six options according to your preferences and adjust the settings of the integrated conical burr grinder to get freshly ground coffee in every sip. Plus, you have control over the strength and volume of espresso or coffee in your drink as well. If it's a milk drink you're after, the included LatteCrema system allows for simple and straightforward frothing with the push of a button.


There you have it! Our latest products, here just in time for the start of 2023. We are always adding new and exciting inventory to our industry-leading catalog, so follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and Facebook for the latest updates!

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