The Basics of Espresso's Key Measurements

by Marc Buckman January 12, 2018



Learn about basic measurements that are key when making espresso. Marc covers key variables like grind size, dosing weight, brew temperature, brew pressure, time and volume. Learn how the variables effect each other, the importance of consistency, preferred ranges of basic measurements and strategies for working with variables when making espresso. Also, Marc covers how to adjust brew temperature based on espresso machine boiler type.

Marc Buckman
Marc Buckman

Marc is Whole Latte Love's resident videographer and expert on everything coffee. He built our YouTube channel from the ground up in 2009, demystifying the world of coffee for upwards of 100k subscribers by producing over 1000 in-depth videos. Marc enjoys hiking, scuba diving, and saving the lives of his coworkers when the kitchen runs out of coffee by sharing some of his own.