Baratza Encore Review

by Jahasia Cooper Updated: February 22, 2021 2 min read
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The Baratza Encore is an excellent grinder for coffee and espresso lovers looking for a grinder that has a great value and gives you a number of features to love about it. Let’s get into the details.

Baratza Encore grinder.Baratza is a brand that almost any coffee and espresso lover is familiar with for their line of great-quality grinders that get the job done. Equipped with high-quality 40mm conical burr grinders for a consistent grind and an efficient design, loyal Baratza owners are sure to brag about how well their grinder produces fluffy grounds perfect for their morning espresso.

The Encore gets thrown into the category of loveable Baratza grinders. With 40 grind settings, you won’t have any issues settling on your perfect grind size whether you’re pulling a shot of espresso or making french press. By simply turning the hopper, you’ll find that adjusting the grind settings is incredibly easy.

It also features an upgraded gearbox design with a redesigned drive shaft, motor mounting plate, and bushings. The Encore incorporates a new drive gear made of 15% glass-filled thermoplastic, which is quieter than the prior metal gear, wears better and is more shock resistant. This creates a very robust, yet quiet grinding performance.

Baratza Encore grinder details.

Imagine this, you wake up in the morning, grab your favorite coffee beans and start grinding using the Encore. You’ll find that this grinder has an integrated speed control to ensure that it’s quiet, it reduces heat so you won’t lose the flavor of your coffee, and it reduces static in your coffee to prevent any mess during the process. This sounds like a breeze. The Encore uses a combination of gear and electronic speed reduction to control the rotation of the burr to 450 RPM. The electronic speed controller is adjustable from 405 to 495 RPM in the event that specific user conditions require modification of the speed.

If you’re thinking about dabbling in grinding your own coffee beans for espresso, cold brew, french press or for a simple cup of coffee, try out Baratza’s Encore grinder. It has a great value, a wealth of adjustable settings easy to navigate for any entry-level user and you can’t go wrong with a grinder from a notable company like Baratza that can get the job done, exactly how you want it.