Bezzera BZ13 DE Review

by Ed McGuire Updated: March 13, 2023 4 min read
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The Bezzera BZ13 DE heat exchanger espresso machine is exclusively available at Whole Latte Love with custom features provided at our request. For a quick rundown, here's what’s great and what’s new with the BZ13 DE.

  • PID Controller with White LED Display and Built-In Shot Timer
  • NSF Certified for light commercial use
  • Heats up fully in 8 minutes
  • Programmable Volumetric Brewing with Premium Metal Buttons
  • Included Double and Bottomless Portafilter
  • Fully Customizable with In-House Wood Accents
  • Made in Italy

This is a solid machine for the home, or even in light commercial environments like a bed & breakfast or coffee cart where a single group machine can thrive.

The Newest from Bezzera
Bezzera BZ13 DE Review

Bezzera BZ13 DE Espresso Machine - Special Edition

The Bezzera BZ13 DE is a NSF-certified PID heat-exchanger espresso machine with incredibly fast heat-up times and phenomenal temperature stability.

Top Features

Boiler & Group

The BZ13 is first and foremost a heat exchanger, or HX, espresso machine. The boiler is made of copper with brass endplates, and boasts a considerable capacity of 50.7 fl-oz. With it, you can brew coffee or espresso at the same time as using the steam wand to froth milk. Like many of Bezzera's machines, the BZ13 makes use of the modified BZ group made of chrome plated brass and fitted with an electric solenoid. The modified BZ group is insulated by the machine's housing, making it easier to heat efficiently. Between the boiler, the group, and the BZ13's 1200 W of power, the BZ13 can heat up in as little as 8 minutes.

I need to say that again to emphasize just how impressive that is. The Bezzera BZ13 can heat up fully in EIGHT MINUTES. That is one of the fastest heat up times for a Prosumer espresso machine we've ever come across. For reference, typical heat up times for equipment like this run around 30 to 40 minutes.

BZ13 DE cup warming surface

The BZ13's cup warming surface is one of the hottest on the market.

As an added bonus, because the BZ13 uses the modified BZ group, radiant heat from the group is absorbed by the cup warming surface on the top of the machine. Now, most espresso machines feature a cup warming surface, but the key difference here is that the BZ13's is one of the hottest available, making it much more proficient at heating cups than competing machines.

To add to an already impressive kit, the BZ13 is equipped with a PID temperature controller to supplement temperature stability and precision. Most heat exchanger espresso machines have some trouble with keeping boiler temperatures stable, but a PID really helps to fix that by monitoring and managing temperatures in the boiler at all times. Plus, for anyone who likes to experiment with temperature, a PID gives you the added benefit of adjusting temperature manually to seek out more elusive flavors in high altitude specialty coffees.


The BZ13 features both manual and automatic brewing with a series of buttons found between the steam and hot water taps. From left to right, the first two buttons are volumetric controls, meaning the machine will brew using a set volume of water. These buttons can be programmed to produce different volumes based on your preference. Now, if you prefer to brew manually, the third button on the right allows you to do just that.

BZ13 DE volumetric brewing controls

With the BZ13 DE, you can brew manually or automatically.

The current version offered here at Whole Latte Love features upgraded steel buttons that replace the original plastic overlay featured on the previous model. In addition to volumetric programming, the BZ13 DE also features a pre-infusion feature that can be enabled for the single and double shot buttons

Pre-infusion is enabled by shutting the machine off, pressing and holding the single-shot button and then powering the machine back on while still holding the button. Once the LED above the single-shot button illuminates, simply switch the machine off and then back on again. You have now enabled pre-infusion. To disable the feature, follow the same process described above but use the double-shot button instead. The feature works by temporarily closing and then reopening the group valve to pause the flow of water while brewing.


The BZ13 uses a vibration pump and dedicated water reservoir. It isn't plumbable, which means you can't connect it directly to a water line, but the water reservoir alleviates this with a high capacity of 101.4 fl-oz, or 3 L.

Size & Appearance

Just as with other Bezzera machines, the BZ13 features all polished stainless steel housing for a classic look. For size, the BZ13 is relatively compact at 14.75" tall, 9.75" wide, and 17.75" deep.

Recommended Accessories

Here's a few accessories that pair well with a new purchase of the BZ13.

BZ13 DE Accessories

Wrapping Up

If you're looking for a strong, reliable espresso machine that can hold it's own even in a commercial setting, the Bezzera BZ13 DE will win you over in no time. Between the 8 minute heat up time, stable temperatures with PID temperature control, and automatic volumetric controls as well as manual control, the BZ13 DE is poised to please just about any type of espresso machine user.