Brewing With Saint Anthony Industries

by Cat DeLaus Updated: August 25, 2023 7 min read
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Saint Anthony Industries is a brother-owned brand we recently began carrying at Whole Latte Love. They offer a range of products to enhance your coffee-making experience, from espresso accessories to a number of pour over brewing devices and accessories.

I got the chance to brew with all of the devices we’re going to be offering, aside from the Phoenix Brewer, which I am looking forward to trying out eventually because the minimal design looks intriguing. I made sure to use the same brew ratios, coffee beans, and grinder to ensure an even test to see how each brewer and accessory shined. I kept a consistent 1:16 ratio with 17g in, 270g out throughout my tests of the different brewers.

F70 Ceramics Flatbottom Pourover Brewer

Adding grinds from the Millwright Grinder to the F70 over the Tresco Server.

Overall, I found that the Saint Anthony Industries pour over brewers made smooth cups, though each brewer pulled out the coffee’s flavors to different degrees. The coffee I used was a home roast of a naturally processed Ethiopian coffee. Overall, the coffees it produced had a floral, fruity taste. I especially noticed and enjoyed the blueberry notes in a few of the cups I brewed. I also tested each brewer multiple times to make sure I was dialing in and getting the right consistency to the grinds. Read on to find out more about how each pour over brewer measured up in our test kitchen.

F70 Ceramics Flatbottom Pourover Brewer

Brewing With Saint Anthony Industries

Saint Anthony Industries F70 Ceramic Flatbottom Pourover Brewer - Black

Enjoy the simple life with the F70 Ceramics Flatbottom Pourover Brewer from Saint Anthony. While it’s short and wider shape may not grant users full versatility, it ensures consistency between pours for a comparable cup every time.

The F70 Brewer is Saint Anthony Industries’ only flat bottom pour over brewer. This ceramic brewer is billed as being one of the most beginner-friendly of their pour over brewers, and after using it I have to agree. The design of this brewer is shorter and wider than their other brewers, and the design is meant to be more forgiving. I noticed that some of the more subtle and delicate notes of the coffee were lost, even once I dialed in the grind during the second test. The brewer has a small opening that the coffee flows through, and the slower flow meant a bit of over-extraction in my initial brew, so I recommend going for a grind closer to a sea salt consistency for this brewer.

Perfect Pourover Kettle, F70 Brewer, and Tresco Server

Brewing with the Perfect Pourover Kettle, F70 Flatbottom Brewer, and Tresco Server.

My main takeaway is that this will brew a consistent cup of coffee every time. So if you’re new to pour over brewing or are looking for a brewer that mitigates the negative effects of any mistakes you make, this is a good option. Though you may lose some of the more interesting notes of your coffee, you will have a drinkable cup every time you brew with the F70.

C70 Ceramic Pourover Brewer

Brewing With Saint Anthony Industries

Saint Anthony Industries C70 Ceramic Pourover Brewer - White

The C70 Ceramic Pourover Brewer from Saint Anthony is a gorgeous piece of pottery and practicality. With a 70 degree shape, the pourover has a 30% taller brew column than most standard filters. What this does is increase the contact between water and coffee grounds for higher extraction efficiency, plus a clean finished cup.

I really enjoyed brewing with the C70 brewer. Saint Anthony Industries highlights that the design of the C70 features a unique 70-degree shape that gives the device its name. This angle adjustment also comes with a 30 percent higher brew column that creates a higher contact time with the coffee and a decreased chance of under-extraction. The wider opening at the base of this brewer does mean that water will run through this pour over brewer faster than one with a flat bottom like the F70, so your grind size has more of an impact on the flow rate in your brewing process.

The C70 definitely allows you to play more with your grind and dial in to get a cup of coffee that meets your taste preferences. The open bottom and ridges inside the brewer combine to create a faster overall extraction than the F70, so dialing in your grind matters a little bit more with this brewer since your grind size will determine the flow rate. A finer grind will slow the flow of water through the coffee and also increase the surface area that your water is coming in contact with, which pulls more of the nuanced flavors into your final cup of coffee.


Pouring a cup brewed with the F70 from the Tresco Server

Though this creates a larger margin for error, there’s also more space to play around with grind size and pour rates to get a more customized cup. The resulting cup I brewed with the C70 picked up on the florals and fruity notes of the roast I used to brew. The coffee was very smooth, and in part, this could be attributed to the Perfect Paper Filters, which are double-walled and caught any particles that could’ve gotten through into the cup. Overall, I really enjoyed drinking the coffee I brewed with the C70.

G70 Pourover Coffee Vessel

Brewing With Saint Anthony Industries

Saint Anthony Industries G70 Pourover Coffee Vessel

With a gorgeous hourglass shape, the G70 Pourover Coffee Vessel feels and looks high class. Made of hand blown Borosilicate glass that is both heat resistant and dishwasher safe, this product is highly functional for the pour-over lover.

The G70 Pourover Coffee Vessel has the same 70-degree brew column as the C70, and it similarly encourages you to experiment with different grind sizes. Of the three pour overs brewers I tested, the G70 made the cup of coffee that I enjoyed the most. The resulting cup was similar to the C70 in the clean, smooth nature of the cup, but I personally felt that G70 brought out more of the fruitiness of the coffee, and even as it cooled it was a great-tasting cup with a smooth finish and light aftertaste. I also really enjoyed the simplicity of this brewer’s 2-in-1 brewer/server borosilicate glass design as well as the compact size. This is billed as a dishwasher safe vessel as well, so it could make a great addition to a kitchen of any size.


The accessories that are a part of the Saint Anthony Industries’ brewing line keep the same clean, minimal design and high-quality feeling as the rest of their products. I used their Perfect Pourover Kettle, Millwright Hand Grinder, Tresco Server, and Filibuster Beverage Decanter during my tests, and I enjoyed getting to try them out.

The Perfect Pourover Kettle

Brewing With Saint Anthony Industries

Saint Anthony Industries Perfect Pourover Kettle - Stainless Steel

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A pour-over maker is only as good as their tools. If this is true, then people with the Perfect Pourover Kettle from Saint Anthony are the best.

The Perfect Pourover Kettle is a stovetop kettle that has a 17oz (or 500ml) capacity, so it’s perfect for brewing one cup of coffee, which works nicely with any of the Saint Anthony Industries brewers since they are all sized for brewing a single cup. The size of the spout also allows for a high-level of precision while pouring, so you can pour at a steady rate and stop pouring on a dime. The wooden handle will remain unaffected by the heat, which is great because the metal of this kettle will get (and stay) hot once the water inside heats up. I accidentally touched the lid of the kettle for a second after hot water was already inside, and it was a mistake I only made once during all of my tests.

The Millwright Hand Grinder

Brewing With Saint Anthony Industries

Saint Anthony Industries The Millwright Hand Grinder for Coffee

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The Millwright Hand Grinder from Saint Anthony uses dual precision shaft bearings to turn a titanium coated Italian 48mm burr set. Simply grip the wooden knob to begin grinding anywhere between finely ground espresso to coarsely ground coffee for a French Press.

If you’re looking for a small grinder that doesn’t use electricity, the Millwright Hand Grinder is a sleek option. The titanium-coated burrs are turned by a crank lever that you can insert and remove from the top of the grinder. Make sure that you’re fully inserting the handle and pressing it in before grinding to avoid accidentally pulling it out as you grind. To adjust the grind size, you just remove the bottom chamber and twist the titanium burrs. There are numbered markings inside the grinder to help with repeatability.

Millwright Hand Grinder

Grinding for a pourover with the Millwright Hand Grinder.

I noticed that this may be a good option if you’re traveling or camping and need something compact and easy to pull out when you need it. The leather case of the Millwright is also gorgeous and is stamped with the Saint Anthony Industries name, making it easy to protect the aluminum casing of the grinder if you’re on the go.

The Tresco Server

Brewing With Saint Anthony Industries

Saint Anthony Industries Tresco Server

Short and stout, the Tresco Server from Saint Anthony offers a new look to the glass carafe. This server is made of hand blown Borosilicate glass that is both heat resistant and dishwasher safe, to keep your hands free of burns and your sink free of mess.

I brewed into the Tresco Server when using both the F70 and C70. The Tresco is perfect for brewing small batches of pour over coffee. I also love that the borosilicate glass is dishwasher safe, making it convenient to clean when you’re using it for daily use.

The Filibuster Dual Wall Beverage Decanter

Brewing With Saint Anthony Industries

Saint Anthony Industries Filibuster Dual Wall Beverage Decanter

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Decanters aren’t just for wine anymore! With the Filibuster Dual Wall Beverage Decanter from Saint Anthony, topping off your cup is easy. Plus, keep your coffee hot!

The Filibuster Dual Wall Beverage Decanter is a glass decanter that you can use to keep your coffee warm, and the simple design means that it will fit in any kitchen setup you already have. If you have a tendency to sip slowly through the morning, I can see this being a good option for you. It holds around 3 cups of coffee, which is more than any of the pour over brewers from Saint Anthony Industries brews at a time. Make sure to pre-heat the Filibuster before use by pouring hot water in and letting it adjust to the temperature to avoid having your coffee cool somewhat immediately when poured into this decanter.

I personally enjoyed experimenting with the Saint Anthony Industries brewers, and I found the cups of coffee that I made to be smooth, flavorful, and overall well-balanced. While the G70 was my personal favorite, none of the cups of coffee that I made were bad. These brewers and accessories are visually appealing, and the high-quality materials they’re made of are sure to stand the test of time.

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