Cafe La Semuse Review

by Whole Latte Love Updated: August 25, 2023 2 min read
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Introduction to Café La Semeuse

They say, “Practice makes perfect.” It’s amazing how a century of practice pays off. For over 100 years, Café La Semeuse has been roasting specialty coffee with care, in small batches at 3,300 feet above sea level, along the picturesque Swiss mountains.


This high-altitude roasting technique has resulted in utterly unique coffees—flavorful and full bodied, yet never bitter. Since water boils at a lower temperature at high elevations, the beans can be exposed to heat longer during the roasting process without the risk of charring. The prolonged exposure to heat is Café La Semeuse’s secret to bringing forth the flavor and aroma of the beans so that even the subtlest notes play on the palate. All of Café La Semeuse offerings feature premium 100% Arabica coffees.

Classique is the most famous coffee from Café La Semeuse. This well-balanced coffee is served at respected establishments including NYC’s James Beard House and Lutèce, The Quilted Giraffe in Florida, among others. Classique has well-balanced and full-bodied taste characteristics that make it well-suited for a variety of beverages.

A bit darker than Classique, Café La Semeuse Espresso features carefully selected Central and South American Arabica coffees. This blend is a Fancy Food Show Award winner and can be finely ground for espresso; a coarser grind will deliver dark drip or filtered coffee, if you prefer.

Certified Organic and Fair Trade, Soleil Levant lets you enjoy your java with a clear conscience. Created using premium Guatemalan, Peruvian and Indonesian beans, Soleil Levant has been praised by the New York Times for its smooth aftertaste.

Care for a coffee without the caffeine? Café La Semeuse Decaf has been gently water processed to remove the caffeine content without striping the coffee of its taste, flavor and aroma. Enjoy this delicate blend of Central American and Caribbean beans any time you like—even before bed!

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