Coffee Mio Review

by Whole Latte Love Updated: March 12, 2019 | First Published: December 08, 2017 2 min read

When we got the opportunity to bring Coffee Mio to the US market, we didn’t do so lightly. First, our tasters spent some time with it, and I’ll have their notes in a moment. Second, it had to be as fresh as possible. To that end, Coffee Mio roasts weekly and air ships to us so you can get it fresh.

G'day Mate!

We’re bringing in three of Coffee Mio’s premier blends their espresso, Mio D’oro and Ufficio. In general, our in-house tasters found all three blends to be low acidity, balanced, smooth, and all had chocolate notes.

Espresso Blend

Here’s a look at the Espresso Blend. Brazilian Santo is the base, accompanied by select beans from Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Peru. Also in there, just a couple of beans per cup of the best Robusta beans available from Java and Sumatra.

Our tasters Nick & Mitch prepared Mio’s espresso blend as espresso. Nick says Low acidity, velvety with a note of cocoa nib. Taster Mitch remarked Low acidity, creamy mouthfeel, hint of spice and ghirardelli chocolate.

Mio D'oro

These are the D'oro beans. D’oro is Italian for gold. It’s Coffee Mio’s senior blend manager’s favorite everyday blend. He describes this all arabica blend as having the smoothness of gold just like a fine Tennessee whiskey.

Our tasters brewed it in press, chemex and as espresso. They found low acidity in all preps, for press they say it’s smooth, with medium to big body, good on its own or with milk, notes of bittersweet chocolate. In chemex, clean, smooth, lighter bodied and bittersweet chocolate.

As espresso Creamy velvety mouthfeel, dark or bittersweet chocolate with a hint of cherry.


Onto the Ufficio beans. Ufficio is italian for Office, in this case. Coffee Mio’s senior blend manager says this select group of five fine Arabica beans grown at altitude provide a sophistication sure to please the most discerning connoisseur.

Our tasters prepared the Ufficio in press, Chemex and as espresso. In press they found a similarity to Starbucks Pike Place Robust, bold, lot’s of body, underlying sweetness, bakers chocolate and a hint of spice.

In Chemex, those same characteristics and notes but with a lighter body. As espresso, a velvety viscosity, slightly astringent with bakers chocolate, spice, and honeydew.

All in all, they found Coffee Mio’s blends a step up from many of the well known traditional blends roasted in Italy. Very drinkable coffees owing to high level bean selection and the master craftsmanship that comes with more than 50 years of roasting experience.

Again, Coffee Mio roasts weekly and air ships to us so you can have the best of Australia as fresh as possible. That’s Coffee Mio’s espresso, Mio D’oro, and Ufficio whole bean coffees. They’re available now at Whole latte love. If you have questions on their products or anything coffee use those comments and I’ll be sure to get you the answers.

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