Learn About Ceado Grinders

by Whole Latte Love Updated: March 12, 2019 3 min read
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As with most products we carry there is a history the company has of creating great products. This dedication to exact standards, combined with new design and engineering by Ceado has resulted in these features:
  • Quieter – 30% less noise then its competitors
  • Uniquely mounted motors-The motor is mounted on a platform with rubber bumpers, not directly screwed to the housing as with other grinder manufacturers. This results in less energy consumption, more precise grinding, longer bearing life, with less heat production and quieter operation
  • A different way of mounting motor bearings- motors which run on ball bearings usually have two of them, one on the upper and one on the lower bell. To run properly the balls need a wavy washer, which is a “Belleville spring” usually placed (for cost saving reasons) into the upper bell. This is a cheaper way to assemble the motors that increases noise and reduces the life of the ball bearings. The Ceado motor is designed, tooled and assembled by the manufacturer to unique specifications with the wavy washer into the lower bell and the upper bearing locked. This unique way of assembling the motor discharges the natural thermal expansion of the shaft downward and also keeps the distance between the burrs always at the selected value. This is a unique feature in the world of coffee grinders. This design creates less heat, insures the bearings and drive shaft operate perfectly perpendicular with the grinder burrs, and is manufactured with an acceptable tolerance of less than 1/100 mm. The competitors accepted tolerances are at a minimum 3-5 times more. This results in much more uniformed grind particles as well as less heat being retained in the burrs.
  • Easier to clean and adjust– There are three screws that hold the top burr plate in place on the grinder. In less then a minute you can have the burrs out to clean or replace. The unique thing is when you put the grinder back together the grind setting is back exactly where it was. No unscrewing of large brass piece that holds the burrs like in other grinders, then re-calibrating. Because it is done this way there is never coffee in the threads inside the top of the grinder. It is simple and clean.
  • The See and Set System – This is the system that allows you to adjust the grind. It uses a lever that can be moved very easily just using two fingers. It is the easiest grinder we have ever used to adjust. The lever can be calibrated to be set after adjusting the grind to be in the middle of the front of the grinder. After it has been calibrated it is very easy to make small adjustments to the fineness of the grind. It also is easier to adjust to make the grind as the grinder is clearly labeled in regards to coarser or finer. This control lever is ergonomic, intuitive and repeatable. This results in a easy grinder to adjust, and to maintain the correct grinder setting.
  • Doses straight down – There is no need to move the portafilter around to catch the grinds being dosed. It was manufactured to get rid of errant throws of coffee to the left or right. The Ceado grinder has been specifically engineered with a conical ground coffee spout. This spout enables the grinder to dispense grounds to the center of the portafilter- resulting in less waste, time savings and better extraction.
As you can tell the Ceado grinders have been made to exacting standards and with much thought given to ease of use by the barista. We are extremely happy to soon be able to bring these grinders to you. If you have any questions or would like more information regarding Ceado, please contact me. In my next Blog we will look at two of the Ceado grinders the F7 and its larger counterpart the F10.

Mark Jackson, Commercial Sales