New Year, New Espresso Gear

by Ben Coleman Updated: January 2, 2024 4 min read
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Happy New Year! 

What better way to kick off 2024 than treat yourself to some excellent new espresso gear? 

Here’s some of our favorite new coffee gear for 2024. 

Excellent Espresso Machines

Rocket Appartamento TCA

Espresso Elevated
New Year, New Espresso Gear

Rocket Espresso Appartamento TCA Espresso Machine with Flow Control - Black and Copper

96 Reviews
The Rocket Appartamento TCA is a heat exchanger espresso machine with an eye catching design and four temperature settings that can be toggled for optimal milk frothing and espresso brewing.

Everything about this machine is absolutely gorgeous, from the oversized stainless steel knobs to the sleek, angled E61 brew group and the stylish circle pattern on the side panels. 

It would look equally at home in a chic, New York loft as in a supervillain’s lair. 

Plus the Appartamento TCA is a powerful, prosumer-level heat exchanger with PID-controlled temperature stability that makes brewing delicious espresso shots a piece of cake. 

With exclusive features available only from Whole Latte Love (like the option for flow control add on and sophisticated side panel color palette), this is a great option for anyone who values aesthetics as much as quality. 

Crem ONE Profiler

For The House Divided
New Year, New Espresso Gear

Crem ONE PROFILER Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

4 Reviews
The Crem ONE PROFILER is an outstanding reservoir or water line dual boiler espresso machine with a unique brew pressure profiling system that allows for unparalleled extraction control on an E61 group machine.


You’re a true espresso nerd, a total bean-brain. You love spending your mornings precisely tweaking grind sizes, water flow rates, and pre-infusion times in your never-ending quest for the perfect espresso extraction. 

Your spouse, on the other hand, could not possibly care less about the boiler temperature and simply wants an easy way to get a tasty coffee drink in the morning. 

Many of our customers don’t have to imagine this scenario, because it’s their real, lived experience. So, when we worked with Crem on designing the ONE Profiler dual boiler espresso machine, we kept them in mind. 

This highly programmable machine allows you to preset extraction profiles that guide users through a repeatable process to help get the same delicious shots every time. It’s also one of the most precise machines on the market, measuring shot output by volume, rather than brewing time, so if you like to obsess over the nuances of espresso extraction, the Crem ONE Profiler is about to be your new best friend.

Couple all that with a near-silent DC powered rotary pump, and you’ve got a machine it’s hard not to love, whether you want to mess around with measurements or not. 

Profitec Drive

The Ultimate Profitec Dual Boiler
New Year, New Espresso Gear

Profitec Drive Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

1 Reviews
The Profitec Drive is a sophisticated German Dual Boiler Espresso Machine with precise temperature control, advanced brewing features, and easy to customize to your preferred look.

If you thought the Pro 700 was cool, wait till you get a look at its evolved form: the Profitec Drive. Say hello to the last espresso machine you’ll ever need. 

Like all Profitecs, the Drive has standout build quality that will last a lifetime if well taken care of. Add to that some truly incredible steam power for quick, consistent milk frothing and an upgraded PID display that doubles as a shot timer and you’ve got one of the most sophisticated dual boiler machines available. 

The PID is really where the Drive shines. It not only automatically reminds you when to clean and descale the machine, but also allows you to program pre-infusion, eco mode, and set automatic turn on/turn off times so it’s ready to brew when you wake up. 

Basically, the Profitec Drive automates everything you don’t want to be thinking about when brewing espresso so you can focus on what’s important: extracting the absolute best shots you’ve ever tasted. 

Lelit Elizabeth

Great Entry-Level Dual Boiler
New Year, New Espresso Gear

Lelit Elizabeth Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

0 Reviews
The Lelit Elizabeth is an affordable and feature-full dual boiler espresso machine. Perfect for those who love espresso and specialty milk beverages equally, the Elizabeth threads the needle by offering on-demand steam and precise temperature control in equal measure.

Lelit’s Elizabeth gives you full prosumer functionality at entry-level pricing. 

The precision PID temperature controller allows for 1° adjustments to the brew and steam boilers and the LELIT58 commercial group minimizes temperature loss from the boiler to the group head.

You can also program the brew buttons to automatically start and stop extraction at the appropriate time. It’s a great way to practice brewing and steaming simultaneously. 

While we’re on the subject of Lelit, they’ve just introduced a few new accessories we think you’ll love as well. Any of these would make an excellent addition to your espresso setup: 

New Lelit Accessories!

Mahlkonig X54

Finally, a commercial-grade all-purpose grinder. Mahlkonig’s X54 features two, flat 54mm burrs specially designed to handle accurate grinding across a wide spectrum of grind sizes. 

Commercial-Grade All-Purpose Grinder
New Year, New Espresso Gear

Mahlkonig X54 Allround Home Coffee Grinder - Chrome

The Mahlkonig X54 is a modern all-purpose coffee grinder that features highly flexible grinding, app compatibility, and an interchangeable front adapter for espresso and brewed coffee grinding.

Whether you like cold brew or espresso, you’ll be able to get the coffee grounds you’re looking for with the X54. Switch between the filter basket fork and the dosing cup attachment and you can brew for whatever drink you love. 

Program doses for all your favorite drinks and save them in the companion app, then share them with your friends! 

Weidemann Brushes & Lids

A superb espresso accessory can really elevate your extraction experience. If you’re looking to treat yourself to something special for the new year, why not try a wooden accessory from Weidemann? 

A Stunning Barista Brush
New Year, New Espresso Gear

Wiedemann Barista Brush - Olive Wood

This useful Olive Wood brush is perfect for cleaning loose grinds out of your portafilter basket, as well as the grinds chute and grinding chamber on your coffee grinder.

Everyone needs a barista brush—why not get yourself one you’ll love to use? Available in three distinct wood grains, each Weidemann brush is inspected by an expert technician to ensure quality. 

If you’ve already got a brush you like but you’d still like to add some gorgeous wood to your coffee corner, consider one of Weidemann’s custom hopper lids. Available in a variety of grains for grinders by ECM, Profitec, Ceado, and Eureka, these handcrafted wooden lids are the perfect way to elevate the look and feel of your daily brewing routine. 

Put A (Wooden) Lid On It
New Year, New Espresso Gear

Ceado Hopper Lid 600g - Walnut

Designed by the German woodcrafters at Wiedemann, these premium Walnut hopper lids are compatible with the stock 600g bean hopper lid found on most Ceado commercial grinders.

Start 2024 Off Right

Whether you’re in the market for a new machine, a new grinder, or some new espresso accessories, you’re in the right place to get the best price on whatever you need to start the new year on the right foot. 

Give our sales team a call at (585) 924–7170 (option 1) and they’ll help you figure out exactly the right product to suit your needs. Even better, schedule a Coffee Cast, a totally free one-on-one live product demonstration with one of our in-house experts. It’s really the best way to get to know a product before you buy it to make sure it’s the right one for you.