Profitec Pro M54 Coffee Grinder Review

by Brodie Inguaggiato Updated: August 25, 2023 3 min read
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If you’re in the market for your first or a new coffee grinder, the experts at Profitec have released the Profitec Pro M54; a powerful, on-demand German-made coffee grinder with a compact design that’s sure to impress.

With a polished stainless steel finish and commercial features like 54 mm stainless steel flat burrs, a manual grind adjustment wheel and a 8.8 oz bean hopper, the Pro M54 can produce a double shot of fresh coffee in roughly 10 seconds.

The Profitec Pro M54 Coffee Grinder is a perfect grinder for at-home or workplace coffee professionals and amateurs. Here’s why:

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Profitec Pro M54 Coffee Grinder Review

Profitec Pro M54 Coffee Grinder

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The Profitec M54 is a sleek and polished steel burr grinder with phenomenal performance and accuracy suitable for any home user.

Top Features

Best Brew Methods

Given its features, the Pro M54 is a coffee grinder best utilized for — but not limited to — brew methods that call for coarse grinds, such as:

  • Coffee/Americano
  • Pour Over
  • French Press

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54mm Stainless Steel Burrs

Among the Pro M54's impressive features are its commercial-grade 54 mm stainless steel flat burrs.

While smaller than the Profitec Pro T64’s 64 mm burrs, the Pro M54’s burrs are designed to minimize heat transfer and deliver a consistent and precise grind size. This results in a balanced cup of coffee or espresso with a delicious flavor and aroma, every time.

Grind Adjustment Wheel

Located under the hopper, the grind adjustment wheel uses an aluminum grinding mechanism and stepped adjustment to provide a simple, yet effective grinding experience.

With the ability to lock in position, two programmable buttons and a manual portion option, the Pro M54 makes it easy and convenient to adjust your grind setting with consistency and accuracy. Achieve a finer grind by turning the wheel clockwise and a coarser grind by turning the wheel counter-clockwise.

To adjust grind size:

  1. Switch on the grinder by operating the power switch.
  2. Press the contact spring with the filter holder
  3. Unlock the grind adjustment wheel by pushing the adjustment clip on the left side of the grinder.

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Grind Speed

The Pro M54 boasts a 235 W motor and a top speed of 1,400 RPM for grind times averaging less than 5 sec for a single shot and roughly 10 sec for a double shot.

Cooling vents are also present for motor heat control and maximum prevention of grounds heating to ensure a perfect grinding experience.

Easy Cleanup

Regular and thorough cleaning of your grinder avoids fats and oils in the coffee from negatively affecting your coffee, while careful maintenance of the burrs and threads keeps the adjustment wheel operating accurately and efficiently. Luckily, the Pro M54 makes cleanup easy.

When you are finished grinding, clean up excess grounds with a static-free, stainless steel grinding chute that directs grounds straight into your portafilter and a catch tray to prevent any loose grounds from dirtying your countertop. Profitec also included a removable and easily cleanable grinding spout to prevent clogging in the grinding chute.

To remove, clean and reattach the grinding spout:

  1. Hold the spout from below and pull it firmly towards you.
  2. Once the spout is loose enough from the rails, detach it.
  3. Proceed to clean the coffee residues from the spout and the area around the antistatic grid with a brush.
  4. After cleaning, push the spout back onto the rails in the upper area and then snap it into the lower area.

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Compact and Minimalist Design

The Pro M54 weighs 11.3 lbs and has a height of 14 in, width of 4.5 in and depth of 6.9 in, giving it a compact size that won’t take up much counter space.

Add in a mirror-finish, stainless steel exterior and you have a powerful, yet refined machine that matches the Profitec range of products and other high-quality products like it.

Recommended Accessories

Check out a few accessories to help you get the most out of the Pro M54:

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In Conclusion

We had an excellent first impression of the Profitec Pro M54 Coffee Grinder from the moment we took it out of the box and our positive reception has remained the same since seeing it in action.

We highly recommend the Pro M54 to at-home baristas looking for a manual burr grinder with a sleek design, small footprint and commercial performance capabilities that will look and perform great for a long time.

For more information, take a look at our in-depth overview of the Profitec Pro M54 Coffee Grinder.

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