Review of Ceado E5P Espresso Coffee Grinder

by Whole Latte Love Updated: May 1, 2021 3 min read
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The E5P is an on-demand grinder. Push in the portafilter to start grinding and release to stop. It's grinding pure and simple. There are no dosing presets based on timed grinding. And for me, well that’s fine. Even when I’m using a grinder with timed grinding I tend to use them in a manual on demand mode. Now that’s a personal preference and I can see where some users, especially in a commercial setting, would want timed grinding. But for me, I’d be weighing my dose anyway if I were in an extra particular mood.

Not having those timed controls is part of what makes the E5P such a value. In fact, the E5P is essentially the same grinder as Ceado’s E6P which does have timed grinding. Same motor, same burrs, and same grind quality as the E6P but not the same price. So if you can do without timed grinding you can save a couple hundred bucks.

The E5P uses Ceado’s steady lock system. A feature you’ll find on their more expensive grinders. Steady lock insures a constant spacing between the burrs for a very consistent particle size in the grinds.

Now one thing I really like with Ceado grinders is just how easy they are to clean and calibrate. On the E5P just loosen the lock screw on the step-less adjustment collar and remove the stop screw, then turn to a coarser setting until the collar comes off. Underneath the top burr, a metal ring helps to seal the grinding chamber. Now on some grinders that grinding chamber is much more open to the threads of the adjustment collar. On those, it’s only a matter of time until coffee and coffee oils work their way up into those threads. Once that happens, it can become difficult to turn the collar to adjust grind size. That’s usually not a problem on the E5P with its better sealing of the grinding chamber.

The discharge chute is tubular metal and the angle delivers grounds neatly into a portafilter. The chute is held in a plastic housing which can be removed for deep cleaning of internal parts. A removable spring metal flap controls delivery from the grinding chamber.

The exterior is an alloy housing sitting on a tough plastic base. A detachable tray catches any stray grounds for easy cleanup. Overall the grinder stands just under 17 and a half inches high from its base to the top of its polycarbonate hopper which holds one and a quarter pounds of beans.

Overall, I think the E5P is a tremendous value. To compare, a lot of folks consider the Baratza Vario as the entry into high-end grinding for espresso. But when you evaluate the specs, the E5P is a clear winner for espresso focused grinding. You get bigger burrs, more powerful motor, step-less adjustment and commercial build for about the same price. That said, the Vario is more versatile. It can switch quickly to grinding for other brewing methods and has presets for timed grinding.

So if espresso is your game and you can do without timed grinding, it’s hard to beat the value of this Ceado. That’s the E5P, available now at Whole Latte Love. If you have any questions on this grinder or anything coffee ask in the comments below and I’ll get you the answers. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll be back soon for more good stuff on everything coffee.