Review of ECM V-Titan 64 Espresso Coffee Grinder with Titanium Burrs

by Whole Latte Love Updated: August 25, 2023 5 min read
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So the key specs on the V-Titan 64: It uses 64 millimeter flat titanium coated burrs, Extremely precise stepless grind size adjustment via a stainless steel worm gear, 450 watt motor, it has two grind time presets or operates manually and the housing is polished chrome over a steel frame. Later in this video I’ll show you just how accurate the Titan is as far as the weight of timed grinding from dose to dose. So stick around for that.

I have the Titan sitting next to the ECM Synchronika. For my money it’s one of the best engineered prosumer level dual boiler machines available. Lots of extra touches, both visible and under the hood that make it a standout. The two make an impressive pair and ECM has put the same attention to detail into the Titan as they did with their Synchronika.

The Burrs

Let’s start with the burrs. Again, 64mm. But what makes them special is a titanium coating and that’s where the “Titan” name came from for this grinder. According to ECM, their titanium burrs are rated to grind 1,200 kilograms. That’s a little over two thousand 600 pounds of coffee before they will need replacement. That’s two to three times the lifespan of regular stainless steel burrs. So say you grind 2 pounds a month, ya you won’t be replacing burrs for about one hundred ten years.


Grind timing and other functions are controlled using a silver finished display which matches the display on ECM’s flagship Synchronika machine. There are two timed grinding presets adjustable in tenth of a second intervals. Grinding is started by bumping a switch with the portafilter. A single push grinds for the time set in T1. Bump twice to grind to the time set in T2.

You can still grind manually by pushing and holding in the start switch and grinding stops when the switch is released. Now if you prefer grinding manually all the time, you can set the grinder to manual mode and it runs whenever the portafilter switch is pushed in.

When not grinding, the display shows moving bar segments. But if you prefer a cleaner look you can turn the display off to show just 1 dot. Yet retain all the functions. When the dot is on the left indicates automatic timed grinding and to the right indicates the grinder is in manual mode.


Grind Adjustments

The stainless steel worm gear allows for incredibly precise grind size a adjustment. It gives you fine and repeatable control that’s more accurate than grinders with turning collar adjustments. And because the worm gear can turn the collar but the collar can not turn the gear, your grind setting is always locked into place until you make a change.

ECM V-Titan 64 settings.

Sealed Grinding Chamber

Now one thing I always look for in a grinder is how well the grinding chamber is sealed from the threads of the adjustment collar. A poor seal allows coffee to gum up the threads making adjustment difficult with some grinders. On the Titan, there’s an O-ring which seals the grinding chamber so coffee stays out of the threads.

Inside the grinding chamber a propeller of sorts helps assure a consistent flow of beans to the burrs. That consistent flow results in consistent dose weights when doing timed grinding. To check accuracy cycle to cycle, I ground 5 times at two and a half seconds and 5 times at 4 seconds and weighed the results. As you can see the two and a half second cycle averaged a little over 11 grams with a maximum variation of about 5 percent. The average for the 4 second cycle was a hair over 18 grams with a maximum dose variation of less than three percent. In my experience, the Titan matches or is slightly better in dose accuracy than other grinders in this price range like the Ceado E37S.

Even Distribution

A funnel feeds ground coffee to the portafilter. With the funnel, grinds come out fluffy and distribute evenly. Good distribution helps prevent channeling when brewing. With the funnel setup, there’s very little spill beyond the portafilter. Any coffee that gets by lands in a large stainless steel tray for easy cleanup.

Other Key Features

Perfect Height

We worked with ECM to get a shorter hopper for the Titan which results in a total height of seventeen and 3/4 inches. So it will fit under 18 inch overhanging cabinets. The hopper has an O-ring on the throat and a shut-off.

Accommodates All Portafilters

Some other useful touches on the Titan: an adjustable holder to accommodate single, double and bottomless portafilters, removable portafilter supports, all exposed hardware are allen heads which are durable and prevent tool slippage. If you look close here you can see cooling fins around the grinding chamber which dissipate heat keeping grounds cooler in heavy use situations.


So overall the ECM V-Titan 64 is a beauty that is very well put together. Worm gear grind size adjustment is as precise as I’ve seen. Timed dosing is very accurate with less than 3 percent variation in weight when grinding in the 18 gram range. Those Titanium burrs will stay sharp for a very long time. I love the vintage look and the extra quality and design touches. It’s a grinder built to serve for a lifetime or two of home use - a real standout and in my opinion one of the finest 64 millimeter prosumer level grinders available.

That’s the ECM V-Titan 64. It’s available now at Whole Latte Love. Have questions on this grinder or anything coffee? Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe and come back soon for more of the good stuff on everything coffee.

Marc from reviews the ECM V-Titan 64 Espresso grinder. This espresso specialist combines vintage style and modern engineering adding up to one of the best, most beautiful, and capable grinders in its class! Features like titanium coated burrs and incredibly precise stepless grind size adjustment add up to a must see grinder for espresso enthusiast.