Review: Three Defining Features on the Bezzera DUO DE

by Jahasia Cooper Updated: November 18, 2019 3 min read
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Bezzera DUO DE.The Bezzera DUO DE is a dual-boiler machine with near-limitless capabilities for any espresso lover. In this review, we’ll be covering the top three features on the DUO DE that we believe is all you need to fall in love with your next espresso machine.

Triple PID Thermostats

Triple PID Thermostats.

Bezzera’s DUO DE machine gives you more than enough options to maintain temperature stability and customize brewing and steaming temperatures. With the steam boiler maxing up to 266℉ and the brew temperature up to 204℉, you’ll have no issues getting a hot cup of coffee on this dual-boiler machine. The third PID thermostat is located in the brew group which we’ll get to in our next point.

💡Quick Note: Because the DUO DE is a dual-boiler machine, that means no wait time in between brewing and steaming, which is a plus if you’re making drinks for guests or rushing out of the house on workdays.

Utilize the touch screen display to navigate brew and steam temperatures among other features on the machine and marvel at the wood-accent handles that control the steam and hot water for tea, americanos and other specialty beverages.

Electrically Heated Grouphead

Electrically Heated Group Head.

Unlike Bezzera’s Matrix MN and DUO MN machines, the DUO DE features Bezzera’s very own electrically heated grouphead. If you’re wondering “What’s the big deal?”, this means that there’s no maintenance needed because there are no valves inside of the machine that need to be changed compared to the traditional E61 grouphead. The group head is heated by two dedicated heating elements and controlled by a PID thermostat. The dual elements help to provide even heating to the group head to aid in maintaining temperature stability.

Programmable Volumetric Brewing

Programmable Volumetric Brewing.

I saved the best feature for last because there aren’t many prosumers that allow the users to program their favorite beverages and also control other aspects of the machine including brewing and steaming temperatures. With 4 programmable specialty beverage buttons and one manual button on the front face of the machine, baristas can brew a single shot, double shot, double short espressos, or double long espressos. With Bezzera’s manual brewing button, you can program your favorite drinks for easy access every time and start and stop brewing when needed. Perhaps my favorite aspect of this feature is that all brew buttons on the DUO DE are controlled with a flow meter so that once programmed, you’ll get the same amount of your favorite coffee every time.

Other Notable Features:

  • Joystick Style Steam Knobs - Used for steaming and dispensing hot water on demand.
  • 4-Liter Water Tank - This is a life-saving feature for users who prefer to refill their water tank without using a plumbed water line. The 4-liter water tank means more time brewing, and less time refilling your water reservoir.
  • LED Lights - The LED lights under the brew group are a simple but appreciated feature on the DUO DE. The lights illuminate your coffee during extraction and is a rare feature on other machines in this category.

To wrap it up, we highly recommend the DUO DE for the user who wants a strong machine with a plethora of valuable features and with the convenience that other prosumers simply don’t afford. The DUO DE lends itself to the barista who wants control over café-quality espresso, but can also program their favorite beverages utilizing 4 buttons on the front of the machine.