Espresso Machine Energy Usage and Cost

by Whole Latte Love Updated: August 26, 2019 2 min read
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So just how much power does a prosumer level espresso machine use? So I got our kilowatt power meter out and did some testing to find out how much energy a machine like this dual boiler Profitec Pro 700 uses. In a minute I’ll have the results. we’ll take a look at how much energy it used in 2 hours from cold start up and energy consumption per hour when sitting idle.

But I want to hear from you too. Use the comments below and tell us about your routine. Do you turn it on just for use then turn it off? Do you leave it on all day? Or maybe you just leave it on all the time. Very interested to hear what you do and why.

So the results of my energy use tests on the Profitec Pro 700. First I turned on the machine left it on for 2 hours and made 2 lattes. Over the 2 hours the machine used 550 watt hours of energy. In our area a kilowatt hour of energy runs about 12 cents so energy cost worked out to total of 6.6 cents for the 2 hours.

Next I wanted to know how much energy the machine consumed per hour when sitting idle after warming up. So I left the machine on without using it for 24 hours. During that time it consumed 2.88 kilowatt hours which works out to 120 watts per hour when sitting idle. At our energy rates the cost was 1.44 cents per hour.

So a couple things I learned from this test. In order to save power by turning off my machine I’ve got to know I will not be using it for a number of hours. In my case it’s best just to leave it on If I know I’ll be using it again within about 4 hours due to the energy used for initial heat up.

And forgetting about energy conservation for a moment If I know I’ll be using it say 8 hours later I’d be saving under 3 cents by turning it off in between. And for that 3 cents I get a lot of convenience knowing it’s ready to go whenever I want to use it.

Now one thing I didn’t cover here is how turning a machine off and on all the time or just leaving it on for longer periods might affect components. So I’ve reached out to manufacturers to get their opinions and advice and will share that info in a future video.

Again, I’m curious to hear more about your routine and any reasoning behind it. So be sure and use the comments. Thanks for reading and I hope you'll come back soon for more of the good stuff on everything coffee brought to to you by Whole Latte Love.