BWT Bestmax Premium Filter Package w/Besthead FLEX

 By BWT water+more

BWT Bestmax Premium Filter Package w/Besthead FLEX  By BWT water+more

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Complete your Set-Up with the BWT Bestmax Premium Filter Package

Please Note: The BWT filter heads are threaded with two 3/8" Male BSP fittings. For plumbing into NPT water lines, you will need to purchase the appropriate reduction fitting for your home water line.

Bundled for your convenience, the BWT Bestmax Premium Filter Package w/Besthead FLEX has everything you need to keep your espresso tasting great and to protect your machine from scale buildup. The new Besthead FLEX features an updated mounting bracket for greater compatibility with different types of screws, an integrated flush valve, and the ability to swap out the included fittings for others produced by BWT.

BWT's Bestmax Premium filter cartridge is an all-in-one water filtration solution. Outstandingly suited for the filtration of water for hot beverages like coffee, espresso, the Bestmax Premium is a modular multi-stage filter that uses patented BWT Mg2+ technology. This unique feature mineralises the filtered water with magnesium, a known flavor enhancer that may be lost using other filtration methods. The Bestmax Premium uses the five layer filtration process detailed below:

  1. Particle Pre-Filter - Separation of coarse particles such as sand and rust.
  2. Activated Carbon Pre-Filter - Elimination of oxidants, protection of the ion exchanger against aging.
  3. High-performance Ion Exchanger - Removal of hardening substances, adjustment of mineral balance.
  4. Activated Carbon Non-woven - Elimination of organic substances, chlorine, foreign odor and foreign taste.
  5. Particle Fine Filter - Separation of fine particles and suspended matter.

Depending on the intended environment for the filter, the cartridges are available in different sizes.

  • S - Filters up to 1,070 Liters at bypass setting 3 with 49.98 ppm / 7 °DTH (degrees total hardness)
  • V - Filters up to 2,570 Liters at bypass setting 3 with 49.98 ppm / 7 °DTH (degrees total hardness)
  • M - Filters up to 3,855 Liters at by pass setting 3 with 49.98 ppm / 7 °DTH (degrees total hardness)

Please Note: The total capacity of your filter will vary based on the hardness of your water and the blend setting selected with the filter head.

The filter head can be adjusted to one of several blend settings based on the hardness of your water. The blend settings adjust the amount of water run through the ion exchange in ratios of 0/100, 10/90, 25/75, and 40/60. When switching out filter cartridges, the filter head will cut the flow of water to prevent leaks.

Also included is a braided 3/8" hose set.

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