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Rattleware 3 oz Shot Glass Pitcher

Rattleware 3 oz Shot Glass Pitcher

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Revolution Dual Spout Shot Glass 3oz

By: Rattleware

  Revolution's Dual Spout Shot Glass is the ideal accessory for anyone looking for a simple solution to measure their espresso shots. With a total capacity of 2.5 oz and measurements in both English and Metric, this shot glass is a flexible tool for any home barista. Holds 2.5 oz / 70 ml of Espresso Measured in 1/2 ...
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Complete Your Set-Up with the Rattleware 3 oz Shot Glass Pitcher

This 3 oz. shot glass pitcher from Rattleware features a handle and two pour spouts. Graduated marks read in ounces and milliliters for all your measuring needs. The Rattleware Shot Glass Pitcher measures 2.4 inches to the top of the glass.