Acaia Lunar Espresso Scale in Silver (Original Version)

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Acaia Lunar 2021 in Silver

By: Acaia

The 2021 update of the Acaia Lunar Scale is designed to be the perfect compact scale for espresso brewing. With both automated and manual options for weighing and timing your espresso shots, the Lunar 2021 is here to help you perfect your brew ratios.
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Complete Your Set-Up with the Acaia Lunar Espresso Scale

PLEASE NOTE: This is the original version of the Acaia Lunar and NOT the Acaia Lunar 2021.

This sleek silver version of the Acaia Lunar offers a robust scale built to thrive in a commercial environment. Anodized aluminum construction, fortified by water-resistant spray, in combination with minimalist aesthetics and laboratory-grade parts make for a compact and powerful technology that will only improve your brewing experience. A bluetooth connection opens up further possibilities, giving you access to a suite of apps for firmware updates and brewing aids. Enjoy 20 ms response times, with a sensitivity that can read as little as 0.1 g, a built in timer that displays alongside weight measurements, auto-off programming, and a rechargeable lithium ion battery with a life of 20-30 hours per charge.

To make your brewing experience even easier, five modes are programmed into the Lunar, including Weighing Mode, Timer Mode, Auto-Tare Liquid Timer, Auto-Tare Cup Timer, and Auto-Start Liquid Timer. Weighing Mode is your typical weighing function. Timer Mode allows the Lunar to display both the timer and weight measurement side-by-side. Auto-Tare Liquid Timer triggers the timer specifically when the first drops of espresso hit the cup. Auto-Tare Cup Timer measures the complete time of a shot, specifically including pre-infusion time. Auto-Start Liquid Timer tells the Lunar to start the timer when espresso flow is detected.

Dimensions:4.13" W x 4.13" L x 0.61" H

Weight:0.6 lbs.


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