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Ceado E37S Electronic Coffee Grinder

By: Ceado
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The NSF and UL-approved Ceado E37S electric grinder combines groundbreaking technology with unparalleled build quality to deliver world-class performance. The latest innovation from this respected brand comes in the form of the Static and Clumping Control System, which inhibits static electricity build up during the grind process and carefully separates coffee grounds for precise output. The E37S also has a redesigned spout to ensure dispensing consistency. New 83 mm flat burrs and an improved tight-fitting base tray round out the updates to this impeccable grinder.

As with the previous iteration of this model, the upgraded E37S is equipped with dual automatic-start modes that allow for one-touch as well as push-and-grind operation. The single and double-shot buttons, grind duration, language settings, grinder controls, and more are customizable to your preferences. And, with a See & Set system for stepless, infinitesimal grind adjustment, the Ceado E37S electric grinder is sure to be a barista favorite.


Portioning System Selector

There are three options available: single,double, and manual. The barista will be able to alternate between electronically and manual portioning as needed.

Anti-Clogging System and Accessible Burrs

The burrs can be removed quickly and easily, since they are held in place by three screws, located at the top of the grinder. Unlike traditional grinders, the E37S’s burrs have sealed threads to prevent them from being clogged by coffee grounds, ensuring a tight seal. With this smart design, the burrs can be removed for cleaning and maintenance without requiring recalibration once they are put back in place.

Bean Hopper

The durable polycarbonate bean hopper has a generous 3.5-pound capacity.


This capable grinder is equipped with a 400-watt motor. It has been mechanically suspended motor with rubber mounts to ensure quiet operation. In fact, it is over 30% quieter than comparable grinders in its class.

All of Ceado’s grinder motors are rectified to guarantee perpendicular alignment of the motor shaft and burrs. A unique design mitigates thermo expansion during the grinding process. This keeps the burrs at the correct distance and value for the grind setting chosen by the user.

Additional Information

  • 26 lbs

  • Burrs operate at 1400 rpm

  • 8.7” W x 21.2” H x 9.8”



Josh asked:

Following up on the question from dalestanton--

As I tend to buy bean in large quantities, I am wondering if dialing in for espresso and resetting the screws to have that as the finest grind would open up the coarse end of the spectrum to pour overs.

I have read a bit that suggests the Quamar M80 On Demand provides a nice range of coarse and fine grinds, but I have also read that this machine outclasses it.  What I haven't been able to find is a better description of how narrowed the grind size range is after the screws are set.

My long term plan would be to use the E37S as a single-role grinder, but I don't have the capacity to invest in quality on both fronts right now.

Answer by Josh:

I talked to someone that walked into your break room and tested this while I was on the phone. I purchased the grinder after he confirmed the swing was big enough to handle espresso on one extreme and pour over on the other. I have been pleased so far with the espresso and pour over cups I have made thus far. Only time will tell if I'll want a bigger range. However, that will likely fit my long term plan of having this on espresso duty alone. I think this will work alone for awhile.

Answer by Sanfam:

With the Ceado E37, the maximum range of the adjustment is best summed up as "moving within one specific role."  While you could go from one extreme of an espresso grind to the other with an average grind dialed in with the handle installed in the center.  While I use this to allow me to grind for an aeropress, it won't be able to allow you to easily swing up to a coarseness suitable for pour-over without removing several screws and small parts.

In our break room, we use an E37 to grind all coffee for use in our Espresso range and use a Baratza Encore for our daily pour-over and drip use.  

Is there a shorter hopper available for the E37s

Is there a shorter hopper available for the e37s?

Answer by Sanfam:

In our experience, the Mazzer Mini's Short Bean Hopper works nearly perfectly with this machine.  There's a tiny bit of looseness, but not enough to cause any trouble.  It can be found here: http://www.wholelattelove.com/products/mazzer-mini-short-bean-hopper

dalestanton asked:

I am considering this grinder as part of an espresso package deal and was wondering how you thought it would work out for pulling 1-4 shots followed by a couple of pour-over grinds each day.

Answer by Sanfam:

While the Ceado E37S is an incredible single-role grinder, the part of its adjustment system that makes precisely dialing in a specific grind so easy also makes it nearly impossible do perform huge, sweeping changes.  If you want the best Espresso grinder you can find, this is it; For your specific use, I'd suggest pairing it with a Baratza Virtuoso (or even a Baratza Encore) to fill in your need for coarse-ground coffee for pour-over.  

Will asked:

The Ceado site only mentions a 220 volt version.  Is this a 110/120 volt version?

Answer by mjackson:

It is a great grinder we only have available in 120 volts. Please call me with any other questions or to place an order. My name is Mark Jackson I can be reached at 1-888-411-5282 Ext 5196


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