Refurbished Delonghi ECAM22110SB Magnifica XS Espresso Machine

Refurbished Delonghi ECAM22110SB Magnifica XS Espresso Machine

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Refurbished DeLonghi ESAM04110S Magnifica

By: DeLonghi

The Refurbished DeLonghi Magnifica, ESAM 04.110.S, is a compact and sleek offering with a multitude of intuitive features. It’s small footprint is sure to fit on any countertop, while it’s full-size features won’t disappoint. Keep your cups pre-heated and ready to brew into on the integrated cup warmer. A speedy the...
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Refurbished Delonghi ECAM22110B Magnifica XS Espresso Machine

By: DeLonghi

The Refurbished DeLonghi Magnifica XS is a stunning super automatic espresso machine that is both compact and packed with features. Simple and accessible controls make brewing espresso easy and fun, and with up to five coffee strengths and four temperature settings to choose from, you can make drinks to your own per...
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The Refurbished DeLonghi Magnifica XS Super Automatic Espresso Machine, ECAM22110SB, is a compact, feature packed, beautiful espresso machine. Its sleek streamlined appearance belies the many features it encompasses. An easy to navigate control panel and professional quality components will make you an accomplished barista in no time at all! It will grind fresh coffee beans, precisely tamp and pressurize the grounds, brew and then clean itself all in under a minute! The single stainless steel thermoblock boiler design provides energy savings while quickly heating fresh water for brewing and steaming. You will create authentic Italian drinks using the patented cappuccino system frother. Simply place a container with milk under the nozzle to create a rich, creamy froth. With five coffee-strength settings and four cup-size options everyone gets to enjoy their preferred libation. Further the design has incorporated sophisticated controls and user settings to manage power consumption allowing potential savings of 77% over previous designs.

Flavor Saving Bean Container

Enjoy fresh coffee every time thanks to the flavor saving 8.8 oz. bean container with its darkened lid having a special rubber seal. The tinted lid filters out harmful UV rays.

Stainless Steel Boiler

Thermoblock technology ensures water does not become stale sitting in a boiler for an extended period of time, and the stainless steel lining prevents your fresh water from ever acquiring a metal taste. A key feature of this technology is rapid hot water delivery on-demand to provide brewing and steaming power for your coffee drinks with a very fast cycling time.


The patented manual steam wand with the special cappuccino tip and frother easily prepares latte and cappuccino. It mixes steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth for perfect drinks every time.

Front-Mounted Water Tank

The 57 oz. water tank is visible from the side and pulls straight out from the front so you never need to jockey the entire machine around just to fill the water tank.

Cleaning and Descaling

Descaling of the boiler is a critically important process to keeping your machine in tip top condition and brewing great tasting drinks. The Magnifica XS will alert you when you need to descale based on the water hardness level indicated on the provided test strip. The process is fully automated; when the descale light begins flashing, all you must do is add the solution and press a button.

To clean the brewing system, simply turn the power off, open the front door, remove the brew group, rinse under warm water and replace.

Controls & Settings

Easy to use rotary and push button control panel includes a convenient selector dial that allows you to choose the strength of your coffee. There are four buttons that are preset for a single shot of espresso, a double, one long coffee, and two long coffees. All four buttons can be reprogrammed to whatever quantity of water you prefer. Additional features include 4 programmable temperature settings, energy-saving auto shut-off, instant reheat, and a counter for the number of cups brewed.

Silent Conical Burr Grinder with 13 Settings

The hardened steel conical burrs rotate at a low speed with minimal noise to produce consistent, fresh, and aromatic espresso and coffee without overheating the grind and destroying flavor.

Other Features

    • Removable drip tray with waste water level indicator.
    • Conveniently use tap water with the built in filtration system.
    • Preheat your cups for best results by using the integrated cup warmer.
    • Always know when it's time to clean the machine with the decalcification indicator.
    • Water filter built into the reservoir.

Tech Specs

    • Input power: 1250 watts
    • Pump pressure: 15 bar
    • Bean hopper:8.8oz.
    • Water reservoir: 57oz.
    • Height: 13.8"
    • Width: 9.4"
    • Depth: 17"
    • Weight:18 lbs
    • Color: Silver
    • Origin: Italy

Pre-Ground Coffee Bypass Doser

You can produce that occasional cup of decaf, or experiment with new flavors using the clever pre-ground option so that you do not have to swap out beans from the grinder. Simply add 1 scoop (scoop included) of freshly ground coffee into the funnel and have a custom brew in seconds.