Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2022

by Cat DeLaus Updated: May 09, 2022 9 min read

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This year Father’s Day is June 19th, 2022, and if you’re trying to figure out what the best gift is, the team at Whole Latte Love is here to help. Father’s Day is a day dedicated to showing the dads in your life that you appreciate them, and if you’re buying for a coffee lover there’s no better way to celebrate than with some new equipment or accessories. Whether the dad in your life already has all the latest tech and products or is in need of an upgrade, this list can help you figure out what to get him.

ECM Classika Brewing

The ECM Classika in action.

For Dads That Love Camping

If your dad’s ideal weekend looks like a tent in the woods, sitting around a campfire, and disconnecting from the world, he doesn’t have to sacrifice a good cup of coffee. With these products, the dad in your life can enjoy the natural views he’s surrounded by with a coffee in his hand.

If your dad loves making pour over coffee while he’s camping, consider getting him the right kettle to make pour over in the great outdoors easy. Fellow Stagg 1L Pour-Over Kettle includes a built-in thermometer so that your dad can make sure he’s getting the right brew temperature every time. A convenient way to make pour over coffee while camping is by brewing directly from a dripper into a mug or insulated bottle, to cut down on the number of dishes needed during the trip. The Camelbak MultiBev 17 Oz Bottle / 12 Oz Cup is a useful choice because your dad can choose to drink right from the bottle or detach the 12 oz cup to make sharing with his camping companions easier.

A percolator is another great choice for a camping-oriented brewing device. This percolator can make 9 cups of coffee and is made of durable stainless steel, so it’s convenient to pack up for his next camping trip. It’s also dishwasher safe, so your dad can easily clean it once he gets back home from his trip.

How to Brew Coffee and Espresso While Camping
Brew Coffee and Espresso Outdoors

Brew Coffee and Espresso Outdoors

Are you a committed camper? New to the outdoors activity? Either way, this non-inclusive list of coffee and espresso products will help you bring your favorite beverages wherever you go.
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If espresso is a normal part of your dad’s morning routine that he has to sacrifice during his camping excursions, the AeroPress is a perfect gift. The AeroPress creates an airtight brewing environment that helps create espresso anywhere in just thirty seconds.

We all know that fresh-ground coffee tastes the best, but it can be inconvenient or impossible to bring a traditional electronic grinder camping, which is why the Millwright Hand Grinder from Saint Anthony Industries is such a useful tool. This grinder comes with its own carrying case and a removable handle to make grinding on the go easy, so you don’t have to sacrifice fresh ground coffee even in the most remote location.

If Your Dad Already Has It All

Is your dad the kind of person who has to have the latest espresso maker, grinder, and other tools of the coffee trade? If he is, you can still supplement his collection this Father’s Day with a new cup or mug. These mugs are all designed with coffee in mind, so they have small touches that will make coffee drinking more enjoyable.

Add some style to your dad’s morning coffee with the NotNeutral Small Latte Cup And Saucer. The thermally insulated cup isn’t just stylish – it will also keep his coffee hot and is perfect for creating latte art. For a durable option that will keep your dad’s coffee warm without the risk of burning his hands, the Fellow Junior 2.3oz Double Walled Ceramic Cup Set will always work wonderfully as a Father’s Day gift. This set features a copper bottom to add a little extra style to these luxurious mugs.

ECM Classika Brewing into the VERO Cappuccino Glass

Brewing into the VERO 6oz Cappuccino Glass with the ECM Classika.

If your dad likes to let his coffee take the center stage, the clear NotNeutral VERO 6oz Cappuccino Glass will let him see his morning espresso so he can make sure he’s getting the right separation in his drink. The details of this glass add some visual interest, adding some simple style if your dad chooses to put it on top of his machine or counter.

Upgrading His Espresso Setup

For the dad that started his espresso collection a little while ago and is now ready for an upgrade, we have the perfect gifts to bring his espresso game to the next level. Whether you want to opt for a customized machine, new tools, or a grinder that blows his current one’s capabilities out of the water, we have products that will wow the dad you’re gifting it to.

Single Boiler

A staff favorite at Whole Latte Love that can bring your dad’s beginner espresso setup to the next level is the Gaggia Classic Pro Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine. This single-boiler machine lets the dad in your life brew espresso and steam milk using the commercial-quality steam wand. This easy-to-use espresso machine is a great upgrade for someone who is ready to dive into the world of high-quality espresso machines.

Another option for a more advanced single-boiler espresso machine is the ECM Classika PID Espresso Machine With Flow Control. This machine has the capabilities of many more expensive dual boiler machines while still staying compact. If your dad is ready to experiment with a PID controller to get the chance to bring out different flavors in his morning espresso, this is a great gift option.

ECM Classika Detail Shot

A close up on the ECM Classika.

If your dad has a particular style that he likes to stick to, the Quick Mill Pippa Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine is a good choice for a single boiler machine. The two color options for this machine are stainless steel and black, and each comes with wood accents that complement the color of the machine. The boiler on this machine is made of brass, which allows it to heat up in under 10 minutes and stay hot while your dad is using it. This semi-professional and semi-automatic machine will craft delicious drinks and look stylish on your dad’s counter.

Dual Boiler

Dual boiler machines will let your dad steam milk and brew espresso at the same time, so they can craft a morning macchiato or latte easier and quicker. The Crem ONE DUO-V Dual Boiler Espresso Machine also includes a hands-free frothing feature, if you have a dad that’s more strict about timing and getting out the door in the morning without cutting the quality of his coffee. If style is important to your dad, the Bezzera Matrix MN Dual Boiler Espresso Machine will let him change the color of the LED lights in the side panels, so he can switch the colors to match his mood, holidays, changing seasons, or for any other reason he may want to.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Tools

If you aren’t sure exactly what your dad’s espresso setup looks like, getting some tools for him to use during the brewing process will always be an appreciated gift option. These are some gifts that will work for any espresso lover, whether you know that he needs to upgrade his scale or if you’re just looking for something small to supplement another gift.

If your dad likes to brew coffee and espresso drinks, getting him a new scale that’s optimized for both is a gift he’s sure to appreciate. The Hiroia “Jimmy” Drip and Espresso Scale is a high-tech option if your dad loves the latest coffee-related gadgets. This scale not only has a detachable magnetic screen so that he can stick anywhere made of metal (like the top of his espresso machine), it also can connect to an app on his phone so he can record his results to ensure he remembers exact brew measurements.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly gift that will still enhance your dad’s espresso setup, getting him a new Mist Spray Bottle or E61 Shower screen can supplement his setup without breaking the bank. This 1 Oz Fine Mist Glass Spray Bottle can be used to pre-wet grounds in a grinder to decrease static electricity, leading to less wasted coffee in the grinding process. A new shower screen, like the BIT E61 Shower Screen, can help the dad in your life pull more even shots of espresso and decrease the chance of channeling.


Whole Latte Love's Crema Wave Whole Bean Coffee spilling out of the Eureka Dosing Cup.

If your dad already has a Eureka grinder that he loves, consider supplementing his setup with a Eureka Dosing Cup that will make it easier to get doses for pour over, french press, and drip coffee from the grinder and into the brewing device. The stylish stainless steel cup will also look great on any countertop and is compact enough for easy storage.

Stock Up On His Favorite Roast

A tried and true gift is to stock up your dad’s pantry with beans that he’s sure to love or has been meaning to try out. For an espresso-focused roast that will have your dad skipping the sugar he usually adds to his espresso, the Maromas Orphea Whole Bean Espresso is a great option. This blend includes Arabica and double-washed Robusta beans and creates a rich crema and chocolatey aftertaste.

For a medium-roasted bean that will work on a range of different machines, we love to use the Whole Latte Love Crema Wave Whole Bean Espresso (though we may be a little biased). This 100% Arabica blend has a natural sweetness that makes it great for everything — from a single shot to a cappuccino.

If your dad likes both nutty and floral notes in his espresso, the Bear Claw Blend from Fuego Coffee Roasters is another great gift idea. This blend has both Ethiopian and Brazilian beans to allow your dad to craft great-tasting, rich espresso drinks.


Though it’s the thought that counts when it comes to getting the dad in your life a gift for Father’s Day, getting him something he’ll love doesn’t hurt. Whether you’re buying him a new espresso machine or a few bags of his favorite ground coffee, you can be sure that he’ll be appreciative of the gift. After all, a caffeinated dad is a happy dad.

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Cat DeLaus
Cat DeLaus

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