Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers - 2024

by Whole Latte Love Updated: March 20, 2024 3 min read
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Do you have someone on your gifting list that loves brewing coffee at home? Regardless of their preferred brewing method, we’ve got you covered. From cold brew to drip coffee to espresso machine users, Whole Latte Love has the coffee accessories and brewing equipment to satisfy even the pickiest espresso aficionado.

Scroll down for a curated list of the best coffee gifts you could hope to find, from assorted accessories and mugs to grinders and coffee makers and more. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to make the coffee drinker on your gift list smile.

Espresso Machines

You can’t brew great coffee without a great espresso machine, and these are some great espresso machines. Wherever you happen to be on your home barista journey, we've got the perfect espresso machine for you. 

Excellent Espresso Machines


A good coffee accessory can help make the brewing process even more enjoyable. From scales to upgrade their extraction game to wood handled tampers and more, check out our favorite coffee accessories from 2023.

Performance Espresso Accessories

Coffee Cups and Mugs

Great coffee beans deserve a great coffee mug. You wouldn’t drink craft beer out of a plastic cup, so why would you drink meticulously brewed espresso from a subpar mug? Here are some of this year’s favorites:

Cups and Mugs to Love

Pour Over Brewing

Pour over takes a practiced hand, but results in delicious brews you can only find at the best coffee shops. If the coffee lover you want to surprise loves the art of making coffee, they'll definitely love high quality pour over gear.

For the Perfect Pour Over

French Presses and Coffee Presses

There aren’t a lot of coffee brewing options easier or more delicious than the French press. All the presses below are double walled to keep your coffee hot (or, in the summer, your cold brew cold). (Just a quick note—most of these items aren’t dishwasher safe; you’ll have to hand wash them.)

French Press to Impress


It’s simple: better ground coffee means better tasting coffee. These high-quality burr grinders are sure to get the job done, regardless of the grind settings your giftee prefers.

Get Grounded

The Best Whole Bean Coffee

All the tech in the world won’t make a difference if you don’t have great coffee beans. Below you'll find some of our (and customers’) all-time favorite coffees.

Curated Coffee Collection

Didn’t See What You Need?

That’s okay! There’s even more great coffee gifts available at Shop our holiday sales to your heart’s content and enjoy the freedom of 30+ days of shipping returns—all the way until January 15, 2024! 

Need some help deciding on the right gift? We’ve got you covered. Give our sales team a call at (585) 924–7170 (option 1)—they’ll help you make the best choice for all your giftees this season. And, if you want to see one of our amazing products in action, schedule a coffee cast! We’ll do a live product demonstration for you over Zoom!