These Espresso Machines Will Impress Your Guests on Independence Day, Here’s Why.

by Jahasia Cooper Updated: August 25, 2023 3 min read
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Independence Day is the time to celebrate patriotism, fireworks, BBQ’s, and... espresso? Yes! You might never have thought about making espresso a staple in your Independence Day festivities, but as your good neighbors and coffee experts, we could not miss out on the opportunity to fill you in on the best way to bring in Independence Day: the Rocket Espresso Appartamento and the JURA GIGA 6 are two of the hottest espresso machines on the market, here’s why.


If you’re a sucker for edgy and stylistic designs, the Rocket Espresso Appartamento is your go-to espresso machine. This machine is nothing short of aesthetic appeal and metallic accents. Polished with stainless steel housing and a chrome-plated brass portafilter, you’re guaranteed to feel like the cool kid at your Independence Day party.

Standing at 14.17 inches tall and 10 inches wide, this compact machine will fit nicely in any kitchen space and will whip up any milk-based espresso drink with no issues.

The Rocket Espresso Appartamento comes in a variety of colors including Ruby, White, and Sapphire so you’re all good to go for the holiday.

Ruby, white, and sapphire appartamento machines.

The Rocket Espresso Appartamento is for you if:

  • An aesthetically pleasing machine is at the top of your wishlist;
  • You’re looking for a compact machine to fit in your kitchen;
  • You value a machine that has it all: a heavy-duty heat exchange boiler, a no-burn stainless steel steam wand, an E61 group head, and a high-quality machine that will last you for years.

If you’ve made it this far and you’re wondering if there’s another option that gives you the freedom to entertain your guests while it produces top-notch espresso, read on.


The JURA GIGA 6 is the machine, the myth, the legend that you need if you’re looking for your own personal barista to whip up the perfect drink to pair with your favorite Independence Day meal, the JURA GIGA 6 is the super-automatic espresso machine your kitchen needs.

Jura Gigi 6 touchscreen.The newly launched dual boiler espresso machine will spoil your guests with consistent quality espresso beverages. It comes with two thermoblocks, two grinders, two hoppers and a plethora of amenities to level-up your espresso brewing experience. With a 4.3” touchscreen display and a dual grinder system, you’ll be able to brew your favorite caffeinated espresso beverage in one cup and brew a decaffeinated espresso beverage using the second grinder, all at the touch of a button. No mess, no hassle.

Not impressed yet? The JURA GIGA 6 just might steal the crowd with it’s brushed silver and black, stainless steel housing standing at 16.3 inches. It has 28 specialties for an unparalleled and customizable experience so you’ll never lose the qualities of your preferred temperature, strength and volume. For modern technology lovers, you’ll be able to use the J.O.E app (the Jura Operating Experience) to take your friends and family’s orders all at once without being in front of the machine. No need to miss out on the music and the fireworks, the JURA GIGA 6 has got you covered.

If the intuitive and impressive nature of the JURA GIGA 6 and the Rocket Espresso Appartamento aren’t enough to make you swap out your old drip coffee machine mom bought you for college, here’s one last thing to keep in mind: the JURA GIGA 6 comes with a 2-year limited warranty, and the Rocket Espresso Appartamento comes with a 3-year parts and labor warranty just in case one of the fireworks are set off wrong, no need to worry about a wasted investment!

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