Profitec Drive: The Dual Boiler Espresso Machine, Reimagined

by Ben Coleman Updated: February 22, 2024 4 min read
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UPDATE: our video team just released a full review of the Profitec Drive. Check it out!

The Drive is Profitec’s redesign of the already-excellent Pro 700 dual-boiler espresso machine. They took everything everyone already loved about the Pro 700 and added new features to make it competitive with the most sophisticated dual-boilers on the market. 

From the upgrade to tactile joystick controls to the stock flow-control device and totally reimagined PID controller, the Profitec Drive just might be the most exciting thing to happen to the dual-boiler espresso machine since…well, the second boiler.

Dual-boiler, redesigned
Profitec Drive: The Dual Boiler Espresso Machine, Reimagined

Profitec Drive Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

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The Profitec Drive is a sophisticated German Dual Boiler Espresso Machine with precise temperature control, advanced brewing features, and easy to customize to your preferred look.

At Its Core

Inside, the Profitec Drive is basically the same great machine as the Pro 700. Like all Profitec espresso machines, everything the Drive is made of is of the highest quality, from the dual pressure gauges to the plumbable rotary pump and everything in between. Savvy internal design drains all moisture sources to the drip tray—no internal venting whatsoever. 

The Drive features high-capacity, stainless steel boilers for brewing and steaming built to reduce scale buildup. Steam temperatures top off at 270°F, which means you get serious steam power, up to 2 bar of pressure (enough to make most dragons jealous). 

Couple that with a stainless steel mushroom E61 group head with temperature-regulating thermosyphon and you’ve got a machine powerful enough to satisfy even the most meticulous of espresso nerds. 

What’s New?

Despite the excellence of the Pro 700, Profitec found some areas where improvements could be made. These have been fully realized in the Drive. 

Joysticks > Knobs

Profitec drive dual boiler espresso machine featuring joystick controls.

This may be more of a personal preference than objective improvement, but everyone I’ve asked agrees: Joystick valves are better than knobs. No more mucking about twisting knobs until valves are closed: a simple tweak of the joystick has you steaming or dispensing hot water with ease. The 6:00 position locks them into place for continuous steaming, or you can pull them in any other direction for quick bursts. 

Flow Control

Flow control was always an option on the Pro 700, but you had to pay extra and install it yourself. It comes standard on the Drive, so home baristas rejoice: you can manually adjust flow rate and pre-infuse your espresso right out of the box. 

Totally Redesigned PID Controller

OLED PID display on the profitec drive

By far the most exciting upgrade the Drive offers on its venerable predecessor is its PID control system: this ain’t your grandpa’s proportional integral and derivative display. Of course, it does everything your grandpa’s PID temperature control did: enables precise control of brew and steam temperatures and works as a shot timer during extraction. 

The Profitec Drive takes PID displays to the next level with a comprehensive OLED screen. Rather than using seven segment LEDs (e.g. your digital alarm clock from 1993), the Drive’s display employs full English phrases with clear icons to keep you up to date on what’s going on with your extractions and your machine. 

When the Drive needs cleaning, it makes it abundantly clear. Same goes for filter replacement, backflush reminders, brew temperature readiness, and just about everything else your prosumer might need to communicate to you. 

The Drive’s PID is also highly programmable. It allows you to pre-set pre-infusion, enable eco mode, and set the machine to turn on and off automatically, so it’s ready to brew when you wake up—an absolute godsend for anyone with a busy morning that doesn’t have the time to wait for a prosumer dual-boiler machine to warm up. 

Want some icing for your cake? All these menus are extremely easy to navigate thanks to the clear communication from the OLED display. 

Discover the Profitec Drive

Is the Profitec Drive the best dual boiler espresso machine we’ve ever seen? We’re probably not quite ready to make that claim, but one thing’s for sure: this machine has what it takes to satisfy even the most meticulous of espresso enthusiasts. 

Not convinced? See for yourself. 

Schedule a Coffee Cast for a live, one-on-one product demonstration of the Profitec Drive (or any other machine you’re interested in) with one of our in-house espresso experts. They’ll help you decide what machine is right for your specific needs. 


What’s the difference between ECM and Profitec?

Both ECM and Profitec make high-quality at-home espresso machines. In fact, Profitec is actually a division of ECM. While ECM is generally considered to be higher end than Profitec (sort of like the way Lexus is a “luxury” version of Toyota), both companies’ machines are known for their build quality, performance, and reliability. 

How long does the Profitec Drive take to heat up?

The Profitec Drive has the option for a “Fast Heating” mode. With this enabled, it generally takes between 12 and 14 minutes to go from room temperature to being brew and steam ready. Without fast heating mode enabled, this process should take around 20 minutes. However, because you can program turn-on and turn-off times, you can set your machine to be brew-ready right when you wake up. 

Where is Profitec made?

Profitec is headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany. Profitec has two production facilities where all of their machines are manufactured by hand: one near Heidelberg, and the other in Milan, Italy.